Monday, February 13, 2006

Week 14 - Down, but not out

Dear Running Journal

Unfortunately, week # 14 did not go as planned. I had a successful 20-mile run last Sunday on Feb 5th, which rounded out Week #13. However, as I got into the next week, I hit a couple of obstacles.

First, I rested on Monday. Tuesday, I got out at lunchtime a completed a decent 5-miler.

Wednesday morning, I was up and at 'em to face some very cold weather - around 15 degrees (I think I expected mid-20's!). In hindsight, I underdressed for the 6-miler that I completed. At the end, I was very cold. Something didn't feel right. I was shivering.

That afternoon, it was clear that I was coming down with a serious cold. I left work early to try to get home and rest. Not sure if it was simply from underdressing, but that's my suspiscion.

For Thursday, I decided I needed to rest further. I was congested, tired and achey for the entire day. I definitely had a cold and a mild fever. My throat was killing me and I was miserable. Plus, work has been intense this week as we prepare for our annual Strategic Plan.

Friday, I worked from home most of the day. Thinking one day of rest would be enough, I decided to try to get back out on the road for at least a 5-miler in the mid-afternoon. I realized after two miles that it was too early. My breathing was awful. I kept spitting out mucus every 15 seconds. I came in after three miles.

Saturday, I still needed rest and recovey. Plus, I was scheduled for a 20k race on Sunday, on top of which I had planned to run another 5. This was going to be my last long run -- exactly two weeks before the marathon.

Well, I was still sick... AND, everyone knows what happened on the East coast on Sat night/Sun morning. We received 20" of the white stuff. The race was cancelled. I didn't leave the house for 48 hours.

SO, FOR THE WEEK... I had three measley runs totaling 14 miles and I missed a long race/run. Not how I had hoped.

Today is Monday, Feb 13th at 9:23 PM ET. I am feeling slightly better but not completely recovered. With the main roads still entrenched by snow banks -- and the subdivisions still not plowed, running outside was not an option today.

So, I headed into the gym today to try to get back on to my feet. I did a cross-training routine: 3 miles on the tread / 10 minutes on the ellipitical / 10 minutes on the bike.

I do not think I will make up the 18-miler now. I am supposed to taper now. Should I try for maybe a 12-14 miler mid week? The roads will be a mess until it warms up on Thurs-Friday. I think I will run some steady 7-8 milers and get plenty of rest. The 20k that was cancelled on Sunday is supposed to be made up this weekend. Not sure if I should do it or not.

I'm at a crossroads. It's gut check time with race 12 days from tomorrow morning.


runninturnip said...

Hope you feel better. According to Marathoning for Mortals by John Bingham, once you skip a workout for whatever reason, you shouldn't try to make up for it. That's just one opinion though. I am sure there is other info out there. From the look of your times, you should be just fine for Tampa!

robtherunner said...

I agree that there is no need to make up the workout. I would be more concerned with rest and a 12-14 miler sounds good for this week. You know the saying, "the hay is in the barn." Rest up.

Redpiper said...

Best wishes on the race this next weekend. I'll be running the half, but have run a few full marathons in my day.

James & Kenya the Duck Toller. said...

Ryan, found your site from Rob (runningfurther.blogspot)

Getting sick sucks, however making up runs does no help. Get some rest and good luck.