Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Due to technical difficulties, I have started a second blog to keep the training log alive. Please click below to visit. Thanks for your understanding.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Duped into Gmail blogger - Cannot comment! :(

Sorry, folks. It appears as if I am sucker. I responded to the Blogger marketing that prompted me to move my Blogger account to my gmail account (which I just set up, thinking this was a cool, technologically progressive thing to do).

Now, it will not let me comment on any of your blogs! It says that I am not allowed to use my account to post to a non-beta blog, or some bulls*#t.

Anyone else get sucked in and figure out how to find their way out?

"I CAN RUN... 55!" - Week 11 complete - 7 weeks to go

Think Sammy Hagar circa 1984. Guitars and drums blazing. "I CAN RUN... 55!".

Granted, slightly lame, but I needed some sort of anthem to celebrate. I now know that I can run 55 miles total in a week. I just did it.

Recap of week 11 - PR for weekly mileage

Mon 8/28: 6 miles w/6x100m strides - Celebrated my 31st year
Tue 8/29: 12 miles w/Yasso repeats - track work at Plainfield Central HS
Wed 8/30: Rest
Thurs 8/31: 12 miles med-long - Ran strong in 1:35 - Local Plainfield routes
Fri 9/1: Recovery 5 miler in 44:30 - Completely ran on feel - no idea of pace, but it feel just around sub-9
Sat 9/2: TWENTY large in 2:36:45 - Wheaton CARA running team heading West and North on the Prairie path. Miles 1-10 were mostly 8's. Average pace on miles 11-20 was 7:39 - Kevin B ran me to a 10:36 on our last 1.5 miles (~7:04 pace).

Total for the week: 55 miles - MILEAGE GOAL REACHED.

Week 12 Plan - Target of 49 miles

Mon 9/4: 8 miles - V02 max workout - 5x600m @ 5k race pace - jog 90 sec in btw
Tue 9/5: 11 miles - Medium-long general aerobic pace
Wed 9/6: Rest
Thu 9/7: 4 miles - Recovery+speed - 6x100m strides
Fri 9/8: 9 miles - Supposed to be tune-up race, but will run lactate threshold pace to simulate (6:55)
Sat 9/9: 17 miles - Long run
Sun 9/10: Rest

I finally caved... The Garmin Forerunner 305 is on order. After my Polar RS200's heart rate function faultered, I felt a little lost over the past couple of weeks. When I saw Buy.com pushing it for $259 with free shipping (down from $349), I pulled the trigger.