Monday, November 28, 2005

Week 3 of 16 Recap - 30 miles


Tue, Nov 22

3:45 PM – Company Gym treadmill

In case anyone is wondering, I hate running on treadmills. It’s a depressing activity. The monotony of running in place in stuffy gym with the distant view of reality TV shows is not my idea of a productive workout.

In fact, even at distances less than 4 miles, my performance on treadmills is significantly inferior than my outdoor workouts. It’s an overwhelming psychological barrier for me starting up that ‘mill.

Monday was a day of non-stop rain, temps in the high 30’s, and Gale force winds. I was not going to risk pneumonia to go outside (although I did consider it). So, I reluctantly resorted to the necessary evil.

TIME 39:55
DIST 5.2
PACE 7:41

Wed, Nov 23

6:40 AM – Mohawk’s Peak + Toilsome add-on

I was determined to get in a 7-miler before we embarked for the long holiday weekend. The weather had taken a turn for the better.

I was really tired from yesterday afternoon’s inside run. I could feel it.

By the time the long evening car ride set in – in the snow and heavy traffic, I may add, my legs were a bit sore.

TIME 54:00
DIST 7.0
PACE 7:43

Thu, Nov 24 – Arrive at In-laws – Thanksgiving Day

We stayed at hotel in Dubois, PA on Wed night, since the roadways were just to slow for us to make it. We arrived at the in-laws around 10:30 AM. There would be no running on this day. The brisk wind, snow and ice and family time requirements made sure of that. I stuffed my face on Thanksgiving and prepared myself for a solid Friday run.

Fri, Nov 25

12:07 PM – Peters Township, PA running trail – 20 degrees / 9 degrees WXC

The terrain on the trail was a bit icy with snow. The Peters trail has at least a 2-3% grade heading in the eastbound direction. I was pleased with my pace given yesterday’s feeding frenzy and the dangerous conditions.

TIME 1:00:02
DIST 7.7
PACE 7:48

Sat, Nov 26

3:27 PM - North Park – Wexford, PA

I think North Park in Pittsburgh is possibly my favorite place to train. I’ve not found a park like it in Connecticut. The 5-mile loop is scenic, safe, well marked and the perfect distance to log some serious mileage with loops. There is a heated public bathroom and really no worries to dump the car for a couple hours while knocking out some miles.

That is why I made the 40 minute drive north from the in-laws; just so I could visit the park and get in a strong 10-miler. I was glad that I did. I had an excellent run.

I need, again, to recalibrate the Polar. It seemed on the first 5-mile lap to be right in sync with the mile markers. But on the second lap, it seemed to be logging miles at a very slightly higher rate than the markers. Also, for the first time, the heart rate monitor did not detect my heart rate as soon as I started it up. I didn’t take the time to get it working, so I am not sure if the problem is easily solved.

TIME 1:17:00
DIST 10.3
PACE 7:28

I feel great about these back-to-back days of running, given Jen’s High School reunion on Sunday night and going out again on Saturday.

Sunday – Return back to Connecticut

I earned a day’s rest – and not worrying about running on the long car ride home on the overly crowded interstates.

Tue - 5
Wed - 7
Fri – 7.7
Sun – 10.3
Total: 30

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Week 2 of 16 Recap - 28.2 miles


Tuesday, 11/15/05

TIME: 38:54
EST PACE: 7:47

6:44 AM - I have to say that I felt awful today. It was a poor run. Simply had one of those days where I couldn’t get the vibe. Felt sluggish. Had an upset stomach. I couldn’t wait to be done. Plus the Polar had a glitch in recording. Said I did an 11:58 first mile? No way.

This is a busy week, too. Have a three-day Category Management training session ; not too mention the LE1 Validation and Project work to keep up on!

Oh well, it was a start. We got home pretty late on Sunday night from Chicago and I was tired to start the week.

Wednesday, 11/16/05

6:42 AM – Trying to improve upon yesterday. Felt a little better, but it was still a sluggish run.

TIME: 40:49
DIST: 5.2
PACE: 7:50

Friday, 11/18/05

Had an excellent night’s sleep. I think I was simply exhausted earlier in the week. Today’s pace was far more similar to what I am used to. Was proud of myself. Got to bed early on Thurs night. Got up at 5:55 AM. Had a strong 7-miler, breakfast and made it to Vince Murphy's office for a meeting at 8AM. How's that for discipline?

TIME: 51:47
DIST: 7.0
PACE: 7:23

Saturday, 11/19/05

Just wanted to catch up this week. It was a nice fall day. Had an easy run around the back neighborhood.

TIME: 29:26
DIST: 4.0
PACE: 7:21

Sunday, 11/20/05 – Mohawk’s Peak plus add-on at Toilsome

12 NOON - Picture perfect weather. 49 degrees and sunny. I rocked this run. Ran amazingly well considering I felt a bit hung over. What a kick-ass run. Today’s run was supposed to be a RACE so I pushed the pace intentionally. Great run. Great job keeping achieving the target for the week.

TIME: 48:17
DIST: 7.0
PACE: 6:54




  • Mon - Rest - travel to Cincy
  • Tue - AM 7Wed - AM 4 - Drive to PIT evening
  • Thu - PIT - T-Giving - May rest - play football - decide 4 today or Sat
  • Fri - AM 6
  • Sat - Open - 4 if needed
  • Sun - AM - 9 LSD
    TOTAL : 30

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Week 1 of 16 Recap - 24 miles


I again spent the week in Chicago to work at the Plainfield office. This week was especially significant because Jen came on Thursday evening. Our plan was to really determine whether or not we should make the move to the area. With all of the daily challenges of work and deciding if we should make this huge move, I still had to knock out some mileage.

Tue 11/8 – Burr Ridge, IL

I went to bed very early at the Marriott on Monday night – like 8:45 Central time. It was great. I was exhausted from a long Monday. We had a hockey game on Sunday night and I had to pack late.

I rocked out this run with a retro 90’s mix of Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 by G’n’R. The Polar said I did a 52:40 for 7 miles.

TIME 52:40
DIST 7.0
PACE 7:31

Thu 11/10 – Naperville, IL

I was really proud of myself for getting out early for this run. I had a terrible night’s sleep. We had a super late dinner with Oli and the PLT. It was fricken’ ridiculous. I need to learn to say “NO” to these late on-the-road engagements. It screws me up for the next day. We also had a late dinner on Tuesday night that knocked me out for Wed AM.

Anyway, despite getting to bed at 11:15 PM and waking up at 4AM with sleeplessness, I managed to push myself out the door for a brisk 4. The weather was ultra-chilly, but exhilarating. I ran from the Courtyard Marriott toward downtown Naperville and back. I got in the run on a poor night’s sleep and was at the office by 7:50 AM.

TIME 28:04
DIST 4.0
PACE 7:01

Fri 11/11 – Naperville, IL

Jennifer arrived on schedule at O’Hare in the evening. I picked her up in the rental Camry and we headed to the Naperville TGI Friday’s for a quick dinner. I had an Oriental chicken salad and iced tea. I was in bed by 9:30 at the Courtyard. I was awake at 5:50 AM for another cool morning of running.

TIME 44:07
DIST 7.0
PACE 7:23

Sun 11/13 – Aurora/North Naperville, IL

We spent most of Saturday exploring the housing market with Lisa; the person who I suppose is our new realtor. For Saturday night, I put us in a Red Roof Inn at I-88 and 59. We went to the city on Sat night. The commute was atrocious. The rain had something to do with it I am sure, but it was 90-100 minutes to downtown. After the drive and some walking around, we had a nice Thai dinner. We were on our way back shortly thereafter.

In the morning, I headed out around 9:30 AM on Diehl from IL-59. The Gale force winds were crazy intense. I crossed over I-88 and looped around back over IL-59 to the Aurora Running Trail.

TIME 51:09
DIST 7.0
PACE 7:18

Tue - 7
Thu - 4
Fri - 6
Sun – 7
Total: 24

Week #1 is successfully complete. The Intermediate plan I am following called for 5 runs for a total of 25 miles, but I feel good about getting in 4 solid runs with everything going on this past week.

The news is that it looks like this blog will eventually change names to “Ryan’s Suburban Chicago Run Blog”. Jen says she’s ready to make the move – so it appears I will have yet another set of activities to keep me busy as I train for Tampa.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Recap of 10/31/05 week / 24 miles total

Note: I am way behind in posting. I wrote this on Sunday but never got it up; so I am back dating by three days.

Tue, 11/1/05

Received my new Polar device. Opted not to run today given an evening hockey game. Recovery needed from the game and the 10 miles over the weekend

Wed, 11/2/05

4:45 PM – Ran from work to Silvermine

TIME: 38:05

EST PACE: 7:37

Jennifer’s Birthday was on this day. Did not have time to calibrate the Polar speed/distance monitor.

Thu, 11/3/05

2:40 PM – Exact same path as yesterday - Silvermine

TIME: 37:56


EST PACE: 7:35

Still had not calibrated the Polar speed/distance monitor.

Fri, 11/4/05


Sat, 11/5/05

9:06 AM start – after calibrating the Polar

Began at Norwalk HS and went up County Road to William St. Ran around Norwalk south of 95 and back up East Ave to Rte 1. Then back over toward the HS. Kept adding on to get to a total of 7.

TIME: 49:32 + 800m track to calibrate device
DIST: 7.0
PACE: 7:35

Sun, 11/6/05

8:00 AM – Quick 3 in the backyard neighborhood.

I’m finally getting the hang of it when it comes to using my Polar RS200sd to record my workouts. It’s a great tool.

TIME: 21:18
DIST: 3.0
PACE: 7:06


Mon: 4
Tue: R – Hockey game
Wed: 5
Thu: 5
Fri: R
Sat: 7
Sun: 3 – Hockey game

The official Marathon Training Regimen begins tomorrow on Monday, November 7, 2005. Tampa Marathon is 112 days away from today (exactly 16 weeks).