Sunday, April 23, 2006

20 miles of out 25 planned - Moving on from CT...

OK, so I fell short of my 25 mile target for the week. However, I set that target totally forgetting that I had a hockey game tonight (my last one before we move - and I likely won't be playing for a while). Had I not had the game, I would have gone and completed a 5-miler this evening. Plus, the weather didn't cooperate at all this weekend. And we're moving in 3 days, for crying out loud and there is work to do. (OK, enough excuses).

To recap, Monday was a rest day.

On Tuesday, I did 10 miles total - in two different runs. First time that had happened in a great while.

I took Wednesday off altogether after the double run on Tuesday. I needed it.

Thursday - It was the hottest day of 2006 in Connecticut. Temperatures exceeded 80 degrees and I felt it. I did a leisurely 4-miler at 7:50 pace. I was feeling the torrid heat so I took my time and walk a few steps as necessary.

Friday - We had "farewell" dinner plans with some friends/co-workers and I was keen on getting in a strong six-miler before our big night out. I rocked on this run. Temps were 20 degrees cooler than Thursday. Knocked out 6 miles in 43:20 (7:13/mile pace).

Saturday was a work day to prepare for our big move this week. We were out until around 1:15 AM the night before and didn't get out of bed until damn near 10. We packed and moved for the majority of the day and it rained much of the day as well. I didn't run.

Sunday was a day of missed pportunity. I have my last hockey game before my move and I didn't want to run right before it. I was hoping to run in the morning but it rained intensely, non-stop for most of today. We had 5 inches of rain. It didn't stop raining until after 5 PM.


This is it. We are moving from Connecticut this week. I can't believe it. Another chapter is closing. It's starting to sink in. We're making this move to improve our quality of life and gain a new experience. I am confident that we will do just that.

PLANNED MILEAGE FOR THE WEEK: Going to set the target at 20 miles. It could be a stretch with all of the driving to Chicago beginning on Thursday and the final move details, but I will try. Mon: 5, Tue: 4, Wed: 4, Thu: Rest, Fri: 4, Sat: Rest, Sun NITE in Bolingbrook: 3

I have been researching and developing a plan for the Chicago Marathon over the past couple of days. I'm excited but nervous. Will I be able to stay committed? Here is my concern: I want to have FUN this summer...

I'm a live music fanatic and I have been deprived living here in Fairfield County, CT (NYC might as well be 1,000 miles away - it's a killer to get there). I've purchased tickets to five concerts so far in the Chicago area for late Spring and Summer - all on weekends. Additionally, I just got a call from an old college buddy who wants to meet up for a Cubs game on the weekend in June and go to a MSU Football game in October (the week before the marathon). All of this is during important training time.

I went to a Big 10 school (Michigan State). Many of my old mates live in the Chicago/Detroit region. When I get together with old college friends, we drink and have a good time. It could make training a challenge if I partake in these events. But I've not lived in the Midwest in 9 years and it seems like a great opportunity to rekindle some old friendships. I need to dig deep and make some decisions on how I will maintain my training and enjoy my summer.

This summer will be a busy one. I cannot wait.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Daily double

The weather was outstanding today and I am feeling quite inspired this week. I did not do the single seven-miler that I had planned. I actually headed out twice today and completed 10 miles.

6:50 AM - 47:04 - 6.2 miles - 7:34/mile - Avg HR: 161 - 746 cals
5:58 PM - 27:23 - 3.8 miles - 7:12/mile - Avg HR: 166 - 457 cals
Total: 10 miles

I must say that I was a bit fatigued after the second run. I was pushing this evening.

All and all, it was a solid day. I am pretty sure that I will sleep well tonight. Sweet dreams.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Work can't get me down / Get me to Boston next year

I had a rough day at work. I have a work problem that I am trying to solve. I'm a little concerned about it, but I'm sure I will weather the storm. Sure, my boss is on my case. But, what makes me feel good is that I know I will be getting up tomorrow early to knock out a run. That run will prepare me for battle tomorrow.

Most of us know that today was the running of the 110th Boston Marathon. I've decided that I will take the next 12 months to work toward running in the 111th next April.

I am moving to the Chicago area at the end of next week. My qualifying race will be the Chicago Marathon on 10/22/06.

I have run six marathons in my life. My PR is a 3:23:55 in Houston - Jan 2005. I ran Tampa at the end of February and failed to keep my PR streak alive. I collided with the wall and finished in 3:31.

I will be joining the Chicago Area Runner's Association ( for support toward my next marathon goal. I will give it my all to get that 3:10 in Chicago. I think I can come close at least.

I am reading Dean Karnazes book right now, and I have enjoyed every one of the first 25-30 pages. Great stuff.

Wish me luck on my easy 7-miler for tomorrow morning.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

In good Spring Easter form - Watch out Dean K...

Capping off a successful 24-mile week, I feel good about my running fitness level right now. However, my diet has been a bit of a nuisance for me. I am weighing in at around 172-173 lbs right now. Ideal running race weight is in the 168-170 range. I've been eating a ton.

We're depleting the food reserves in the house to prepare for our move, which is precisely 11 days away. As a result, we're tending to eat out on greater occassion as opposed to hitting the grocery store.

Although I've hit my goals for total mileage the past couple of weeks, I've accomplished them in completely different increments than planned. The work/travel life throws us curveballs all too often and we need to adjust. I spent an unplanned 3 extra hours in O'Hare airport on Tues PM. This got me home into my bed at 1:15AM. I simply couldn't get up for that Wed AM run. BUT, I adjusted and came back strong on the weekend.

We went to Jen's sister's place in N. Kinsgtown, RI to celebrate Easter this weekend. Today, I picked up Dean Karnazes' book,"Ultra Marathon Man" at Border's during our visit to downtown Providence. I've read the first 15-20 pages or so on the drive home. I must say, it is both entertaining and inspiring so far.

I know Dean's book has been out a while, but I really haven't stayed up on the Dean Karnazes craze. I saw the "60 minutes" piece and have read the Runner's World articles. Like most who hear his story for the first time, my jaw rested comfortably on the floor of my living room. Now I have his book, and I learn another thing aboud Mr. Karnazes. He's one hell of an author. He's creative with his words and his style is honest and humorous.

The book contained a brochure to promote Dean's next feat: To run 50 marathons in 50 days in all 50 U.S. states. While Dean will be on #36 of 50 straight marathons in as many days, I'll be going all out in my 2nd of 2006 - The Chicago Lasalle Bank Marathon. He'll be there in Chicago on 10/22/06 -- and I will be there to greet him. How fast do you think he'll be running on day 36? I'll bet I can stay with him. Watch out, Dean K...

If you have not heard about this yet, check it out...

Happy running...

Total miles: 24.0 - 5 runs

Monday April 10 - 6:48 PM - 3.0 miles - 7:11/mile - Norwalk, CT - Quick evening run to kick off the week
Thursday April 13 - 7:13 AM - 5.0 miles - 7:25/mile - Norwalk, CT - 3-hr flight delay in Chicago on Tue night screwed my week up -- After missing Tue-Wed, good to get back in the groove
Friday April 14 - 12:15 PM - 5.3 miles - 7:27/mile - Silvermine, CT - Jetted out at lunch
Saturday April 15 - 12:43 PM - 6.0 miles - 7:40/mile - Norwalk, CT - First HOT day of 2006 - Needed to walk after 4 - Finished strong - Last mile was 6:49
Sunday April 16 - 7:53 AM - 4.8 miles - 7:16/mile - N. Kingstown, RI - Beautifully cool conditions

GOAL FOR 4/17 WEEK -- 25 total miles
Mon - 4 miles
Tue - REST
Wed - 6 miles
Thu - 4 miles
Fri - Rest
Sat - 4 miles
Sun - 7 miles

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Strong weekend comeback after a busy week

I did not hit my agressive target of 24 miles for this week. The Chicago trip, which included the home inspection, work and two flights threw me off schedule. I came up just short. However, I had a great weekend of running 17 miles to finish the week strong.

Less than 3 weeks til we move to Chicago..!

Mon 4/3 - Planned Rest

Tue 4/4 - 7:05 AM - Neighborhood five miler - 37:55 - 7:34/mile - avg HR: 159 - Long day, went to Jennifer P's for a get-together in the evening

Wed-Thu - Went to Chicago very early on Wednesday AM. Went straight to the new house in Plainfield for inspection. Was overwhelmed with painters, carpet guys, inspector, etc. I was exhausted on Wed after work. Had a terrible night's sleep on Wed and could not get up on time on Thursday. I had a 2.5 hour bout of insomina. Was anxious and nervous about our move. Disappointing that I could not get some mileage in.

Fri 4/7 - 6:37 PM - Had a long day of work couped up in a quiet room. Got in a solid 5-miler in the beautifully cool spring evening. 5 miles - 36:55 - 7:23/mile - no HR

Sat 4/8 - 5:58 PM - Cleaned out the entire attic and started to pack for our big move. Cruise through my 4th 5-miler of the week. 36:29 - 7:17/mile - avg HR: 164

Sun 4/9 - 3:55 PM - Wanted to finish the week strong with the longest of the week. Our buyers were coming over to measure the house, so it was a great escape to run on a beautifully sunny Sunday afternoon. I started to feel a little tired toward the end. 7 miles - 53:10 - 7:35/mile - avg HR: 158

TOTAL FOR THE WEEK: 22 miles - total avg pace: 7:29

Plan for this week:

Mon: 3
Tue: Rest - Travel all day to Chicago there and back
Wed: 5
Thu: 4
Fri: 4 in AM - Play hockey game
Sat: R - Go to Rhode Island

Sun: 7 - Easter run

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Joy! More daylight means more mileage

We've gained an hour of daylight and I'm feeling the spring rejuvenation that I often feel at this point of the year. This is my favorite time of year for running. I've recovered from my Winter marathon and I'm feeling strong again. I'm going to focus on some solid short-distance running (i.e. 3 to 7 miles) as I prepare for a 10k race before our vacation. We leave for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on May 28. Not that we've got anything else going on, besides moving all of our wordly possessions about 900 miles from our current residence in the next 4 weeks.

Fri March 31

6:48 PM - I set out just after dusk to blow off some steam and get my run on. Thanks to our buyer's building inspector, we had just learned that we needed an electrician to figure out where a reset switch was for our GFI outlet in the kitchen. Don't worry, didn't make sense to me either. The run was decent. Up to Grumman via Overbrook and back. DIST: 4.06M - TIME: 30:18 - PACE: 7:27 - NO HRM TODAY

Sat April 1

9:32 AM - Nothing special about this run. I had to get it in before I headed off to Holmdel, NJ for my niece's 2nd birthday party. It was swift and painless. Again, I breezed with the wind. I am ready to kick it into race training mode.

TIME: 29:44 - DIST: 4.00M - PACE: 7:25 - AVG HR: 164

Sun April 2

9:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time -- We lost an hour to gain daylight. I wanted to keep this one short to save up some juice for our hockey game later today. What a glorious day today is. Sunshine abound. Spring is here and I feel great. The run was spectacular. Hockey game scheduled this early eve for 5:10 PM.
TIME: 21:54 - DIST: 3.00M - PACE: 7:18 - AVG HR: 159

Twenty solid miles and two hockey games makes for a successful week. I accomplished my goal for this specific week. Hey, it was only 20, but I loved every mile. They all felt great.


  • Need to travel to Chicago this week for our new home purchase inspection.
  • I am going to sign up for my first two races in the Chicago area as follows: Sat, May 13 - Joliet 8k -- Sat, May 27 - Western Springs 10k.
  • Here's what I will try for this week: Mon: 3, Tue: 5, Wed: Rest (travel in AM), Thu: 4, Fri: 2 + strength train, Sat: 4, Sun: 6. Total: 24