Sunday, September 03, 2006

Duped into Gmail blogger - Cannot comment! :(

Sorry, folks. It appears as if I am sucker. I responded to the Blogger marketing that prompted me to move my Blogger account to my gmail account (which I just set up, thinking this was a cool, technologically progressive thing to do).

Now, it will not let me comment on any of your blogs! It says that I am not allowed to use my account to post to a non-beta blog, or some bulls*#t.

Anyone else get sucked in and figure out how to find their way out?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, i tried commenting on your previous entry but it'd only work if i used an anonymous option.. i think the beta is very buggy. Yumke.

Running Rabbit said...

Oh NO!!! Fix it! I have to have your validation Ryan!!

Ryan said...

Test - can I post with a non-beta account?