Monday, December 24, 2007

Best Winter Form Ever

The LCFB Marathon is 8 weeks away. I will continue to work toward setting a marathon PR on Feb 17th. However, I may have to work a bit harder than I would in fall temperatures according to this RW article.

"When your core temperature drops below 98.6°F, your body requires 15 to 20 percent more oxygen to maintain the same pace". Great. And the temperature will be, what, 15 degrees if we're lucky?

For this past week, I kept right to schedule with Pfitzinger's 55mpw program by running a step back week of 43 miles.

Some highlights:

  • Wed - Did 5x600m repeats on subdivision streets since the local track was covered in 6 inches of snow. I targeted 2:15 in 0.38 mi increments, which is about 6:00 min pace for 600 m. Finished with 8 miles
  • Sat - Carried the fuel belt and ran a solid 14-miler with no breaks. Finished with a 6:31 mile (7:30 avg for the entire run).
  • Sun - Hid from the 40mph wind gusts and hit the gym treadmill for a steady 8-miler.
I've arrived at peak mileage week in the program. I am eager to hit 55 miles this week while visiting the in-laws in Pittsburgh. Provided I can juggle family commitments, I don't anticipate any difficulty in doing so.

One important workout this week is the 12-miler on Wednesday, which includes 7 at lactate threshold pace. I haven't had much LT work this training cycle, so I plan to be very disciplined and to the splits on a track. I'm guessing my LT pace is about 6:40.

On Sunday, I will push my planned 20-miler in the range of 7:25-7:30 with a fast finish. I hope the weather is cooperative on Sunday. This run will put me over 2,100 miles for 2007.

I am really good shape for December 24th. In fact, this definitely the best running shape that I have ever achieved in mid-winter.

Time to set your 2008 running goals, if you haven't already. I will be working diligently on my plan over this week's Christmas break.

Happy Christmas to all who read this.


robtherunner said...

Merry Christmas, Ryan!

Darrell said...

Darn inspiring, you are. (I must be channeling Yoda).

I wouldn't worry too much about the weather just yet. It has proven to be pretty unpredictable lately.

Congrats on reaching this level of running fitness.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Fran said...

that's what has me worried about the LCFB is it just might be too cold. I think just around freezing is a good temperature for me. I'm pretty sure that whatever the weather, you'll do quite well and have no problem setting a PR. 2100 miles? That's amazing. Looking forward to seeing your plan for 2008. Have a happy new year!