Sunday, November 16, 2008

Scenic 63-mile week - 13 weeks to Austin

We are back from our visit to my parents' house in Ivins, UT. I banged out 47 miles in four days while visiting and completed 63 out of my 65 miles planned for the week.

I will admit it was a tough yet fulfilling week of training. Getting to 63 after 60 last week proved harder than I would have guessed. Increasing my mileage again after a hard LT workout on Monday was a challenge. However, I was glad that I had wonderful weather and scenic terrain in Utah to keep me motivated.

It's worth noting that St. George, UT introduced a significant altitude and elevation change dimension into my training. I ran a 12-miler on Thursday from the peak of Snow Canyon State Park, which took me to about 3,200 feet. I floated through the park to my parents' house that was largely downhill during the first half.

Posted are a handful of snapshots from this particular workout that give a feel for how absolutely gorgeous it was for me to run in SW Utah.

We all know that with downhills come uphills, so it was not all a cakewalk. My 20-miler on Saturday along the Snow Canyon Parkway bike trail proved again a test to my ability to endure the changes in elevation.

The night before we left Chicago, I stalled on Tuesday's planned 14-miler. It was 36 deg and raining here in SW Chicago. I had a busy day before our 3-day vacation. I could only muster 7 miles on the treadmill and was forced to adjust the week. I am proud that I bounced back.

This 63-mile week my highest-volume week since Aug 2007. Taking a look back at my log during that time, I am amazed by the shape that I was in for the Chicago Marathon. Based on history, know I can climb toward a healthy 70-mile week by Christmas time.

New exciting news: I am committed now to what will be my 3rd marathon in 2009: the highly celebrated and scenic San Francisco Marathon.

Preliminary "Tentative" 2009 schedule:

  • Austin - Feb 15 - Registered and travel booked
  • Boston - Apr 21 - Travel booked. Qualified and need to register.
  • S.F. - July 26 - Travel booked. Need to register.
  • St. George, UT* - Oct 3 - Lottery opens in April.
  • NYC* - Nov 1 - Lottery opens in June.


Darrell said...

Sure a lot different than running in Chicago. Your 2009 is looking really nice, and busy.

The Other 50 said...

I too have had good succes with the Pfitzinger plan and think ~60-65 miles a week provide a solid base for marathoning. To run sub-3, I also think that trying to improve VO2max (aka set a 5K PR)and doing pedestal/core training helps give the additional stamina and strength to run 6:50s for 26.2

Bert said...

Awesome pics of running in Utah! My all-time most scenic run was up into Zion National Park just after sunrise, in Sept 2007.