Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ambitious running agenda

Is it May 14th already? This has been my longest stretch of not posting ever, I think.

Since Boston, it's been quite hectic. Outside of running activities, my daughter turned one year old and we had a big family party. We've got our basement finishing project well underway and it's about 65% complete. Then there are the usual work stresses, which are relatively under control at this point.

As for running, I've smoothly resumed getting back to a decent marathon training base. I am building back towards 60-mile weeks, which I should hit next week. I don't feel in the shape I was before (most likely due to my non-stop chowing of pizza, beer, sweets, etc.)

I've also kicked off the Plainfield Road Runners Club, which has required quite a bit of planning and organizing from time to time.

The PRRC has been a great experience so far. However, we've got such a long way to go. I'm learning about how to "sell" running to people, particularly those that are interested but are not experienced.

I'll be running the Soldier Field 10-miler next Saturday. Last year, I ran it less than one week after the Green Bay Marathon. I expect to be able to put up a far better time - hopefully a PR.

In June, I'll do the Downers Grove 10-miler for the fourth year in a row.

All of this is leading up to my next marathon in San Francisco, which is scheduled for July 26th. Not to mention an excellent vacation in wine country also on the agenda afterward.

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jen said...

That's awesome you're running SF. The course has some killer steep downhills in the second half. It's a beautiful and fun course though, you'll love it!

Congrats on the new tri club, that is so inspiring. Keep up the good work! :)