Monday, November 28, 2005

Week 3 of 16 Recap - 30 miles


Tue, Nov 22

3:45 PM – Company Gym treadmill

In case anyone is wondering, I hate running on treadmills. It’s a depressing activity. The monotony of running in place in stuffy gym with the distant view of reality TV shows is not my idea of a productive workout.

In fact, even at distances less than 4 miles, my performance on treadmills is significantly inferior than my outdoor workouts. It’s an overwhelming psychological barrier for me starting up that ‘mill.

Monday was a day of non-stop rain, temps in the high 30’s, and Gale force winds. I was not going to risk pneumonia to go outside (although I did consider it). So, I reluctantly resorted to the necessary evil.

TIME 39:55
DIST 5.2
PACE 7:41

Wed, Nov 23

6:40 AM – Mohawk’s Peak + Toilsome add-on

I was determined to get in a 7-miler before we embarked for the long holiday weekend. The weather had taken a turn for the better.

I was really tired from yesterday afternoon’s inside run. I could feel it.

By the time the long evening car ride set in – in the snow and heavy traffic, I may add, my legs were a bit sore.

TIME 54:00
DIST 7.0
PACE 7:43

Thu, Nov 24 – Arrive at In-laws – Thanksgiving Day

We stayed at hotel in Dubois, PA on Wed night, since the roadways were just to slow for us to make it. We arrived at the in-laws around 10:30 AM. There would be no running on this day. The brisk wind, snow and ice and family time requirements made sure of that. I stuffed my face on Thanksgiving and prepared myself for a solid Friday run.

Fri, Nov 25

12:07 PM – Peters Township, PA running trail – 20 degrees / 9 degrees WXC

The terrain on the trail was a bit icy with snow. The Peters trail has at least a 2-3% grade heading in the eastbound direction. I was pleased with my pace given yesterday’s feeding frenzy and the dangerous conditions.

TIME 1:00:02
DIST 7.7
PACE 7:48

Sat, Nov 26

3:27 PM - North Park – Wexford, PA

I think North Park in Pittsburgh is possibly my favorite place to train. I’ve not found a park like it in Connecticut. The 5-mile loop is scenic, safe, well marked and the perfect distance to log some serious mileage with loops. There is a heated public bathroom and really no worries to dump the car for a couple hours while knocking out some miles.

That is why I made the 40 minute drive north from the in-laws; just so I could visit the park and get in a strong 10-miler. I was glad that I did. I had an excellent run.

I need, again, to recalibrate the Polar. It seemed on the first 5-mile lap to be right in sync with the mile markers. But on the second lap, it seemed to be logging miles at a very slightly higher rate than the markers. Also, for the first time, the heart rate monitor did not detect my heart rate as soon as I started it up. I didn’t take the time to get it working, so I am not sure if the problem is easily solved.

TIME 1:17:00
DIST 10.3
PACE 7:28

I feel great about these back-to-back days of running, given Jen’s High School reunion on Sunday night and going out again on Saturday.

Sunday – Return back to Connecticut

I earned a day’s rest – and not worrying about running on the long car ride home on the overly crowded interstates.

Tue - 5
Wed - 7
Fri – 7.7
Sun – 10.3
Total: 30

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