Sunday, December 11, 2005

Week 5 of 16 Recap - 28 miles


Mon, 12/5

Had an all-day meeting in Plainfield. My flight was delayed 2.5 hours making me late for my own meeting with a huge number of participants. Way to make a first impression on the President of one of our core suppliers. It was a disaster and I didn’t even have a run today.

Tue, 12/6

It was probably about 10 degrees in Burr Ridge at 5:45 AM. I bundled up for this run – to the extent that I was nearly overdressed. I felt like Randy, the kid that gets dressed by his brother, in that movie A Christmas Story.

However, I got it in. It was cold, but I was warmly dressed.

TIME: 46:53 -- EST DIST: 6.0 -- EST PACE: 7:48

Wed, 12/7

It was –10 wind chill in the Chicago suburbs and my throat was killing me. I had a terrible night’s sleep. I didn’t run. I caught the 2:53 flight back to NY.

Thu, 12/8

Had a 9+hour sleep last night. I figured it would be good enough to ease the cold and knock out 7-miles. So I did. It was almost cold as it was in Chicago this week. I nearly underdressed. I definitely had a cold, but I was fighting through it.

Jen needed to take the train to the city. So I had her drive to the E.Norwalk station. I planned to run a 4-mile distance and meet her there. Well, I took a route up Wolfpit to Murray; then curled down Sylvan North. I cut across Rt 1 and went onto

It ended up being 5 by the time I got to the train station. I drove the car home and then added on two .

TIME: 53:04 -- EST DIST: 7.0 -- EST PACE: 7:35

Fri, 12/9

It was a productive day at work. I continued to fight through the congestion, the coughing, the flem and the sneezing. I even mustered up enough for a 4-miler in the early evening before our Company party. I got the run in and prepared for the party. By the end of the night, I couldn't even speak. My voice was shot.

TIME: 31:09 -- EST DIST: 4.1 -- EST PACE: 7:30

Sat, 12/10

I took the day off today from doing anything. The plan was to rest up for the long run on Sunday and shake off the cold. It was a great day to do absolutely nothing. It felt good.

Sun, 12/11

10:30 AM - I was ready to kick off my 12-miler.

I decided to break it up into 2 sixes. I did Mohawk's peak. I'm thinking after all these runs that the Mohawk is slightly less than 6 miles. I am thinking it's around 5.9. I was overdressed for the first 6. The sun beat down and the temp pushed close to 40. I had to lose my under-tights and long-sleeve shirt when I arrived back.

For my second half, I ran thru the back neighborhood to Overbrook then onto Grumman. I took Grumman striaght up almost all the way to Cranbury Park. When the Polar told me I had hit 3, I turned around and went the same exact route back.

It was a very cool, clear day. I felt better the second six than I did the first. Mission completed.

EST TIME: 1:31:36 -- EST DIST: 12.0 -- EST PACE: 7:38


I only had 4 runs this week, but it was a still a decent week. I traveled and didn't let a harsh cold get me down. There was 0 degree weather, 7" of snow, icy conditions and a holiday party.

12/12 WEEK #6 PLAN

Mon - 4. Tue - 7 AM / Hockey game at night. Wed - REST. Thu - 8-Tempo. Fri - 4EZ. Sat - REST. Sun - 12.


robtherunner said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. Since I am just coming off of injury the 8 miler felt tiresome, but good. I can't say that 8 miles seems difficult anymore unless I am doing some kind of hill or tempo run. I am just thankful to be able to run 8 miles anytime I can. Good luck on your marathon training. Are you running the Gasparilla Marathon in Tampa?

D said...

Traveling w/a cold is definitely not fun! Running congested isn't fun either.

I like the way you post your weekly rundowns. Run Strong.