Sunday, October 29, 2006

Reflecting on 1,376 miles so far this year

On Friday night, I laid out the six-week training plan for Las Vegas without much consideration for the prior commitments I had made. There will be adjustments (starting this weekend as we visit my alma mater and running will be low priority). This is to be expected, so I'll do the best I can.

Today was the one of the more tranquil runs I have had in a long time. I did some research to locate a new running trail. I found one described here called the Indiana & Michigan Canal Trail, just west of Joliet.

Jen and I drove the 13 miles from our house on a gorgeous autumn day. She ran the first mile with me and I then went off on my own to run along the river canal for 4 out and 4 back. Truly beautiful scenery and the perfect weather made it all that much more enjoyable.

I tested my legs on the final mile 8 at 6:45. Felt pretty good, but I won't be doing that tomorrow.

Time: 1:02:12 - 8 miles

Recap of recovery week of 10/23/06

Mon-Thurs: REST
Fri 10/27: 4
Sat 10/28: 3
Sun 10/29: 8
TOTAL: 15 miles

This evening, I did a lot of reflecting by reading my blog entries over the past year. Amazing, really, some of the stuff I found.

I found numerous posts that flirted with the idea of running a BQ in Chicago, but I could read within my own statements that I wasn't truly certain I could do it. I know now that I shouldn't doubt myself. [I know, I should shut up about Chicago. Hell, it's been a week now.]

I also know why know (but not then) that I drew a collective chuckle from the run blog community after my Jan 1st post. In it, I courageously proclaimed that my 2006 total mileage goal was 1,200. Real ambitious, wasn't it?

The below image shows a chart of mileage YTD. I tallied it up today, and I am at 1,376 miles before hitting November.

Next year: Will I try for 2000?


Running Jayhawk said...

You are so impressive with your crazy ass mileage, Ryan. You can certainly pull 2,000 next year...

LeahC said...

LOVE (of course) the graph :-)

yumke said...

You know what's freaky? I did a mileage recap a few days ago and my yearly mileage was 1,379. (i've since added 10 or so). Is that freaky or what?!

2000? I have a feeling you'll do it!