Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Unexpected Marathon accolade

I attended the CARA-Wheaton Post-Marathon celebration party last night. It was held at a pizza restaurant in Naperville. Really nice deal - and a fun way to celebrate with all of the others who were out there on Saturdays putting in major mileage to get to our goal.

I was quite surprised when the our group leader, Jim, announced that there were awards to hand out. My name was the first to be called for the group's "Fastest Male".

Pretty cool wall ornament, right? And my second ever running trophy - after my 5k second place age group finish back in July.

I guess I should keep at this running thing.
OK, enough celebration… I’ve got to get my ass in gear back to running for this half marathon, which is in 5.5 weeks.

OK, Right after tonight’s numerous Captain Morgan and apple cider cocktails and beer and chili at the neighbor’s. I’ll get right on that mileage tomorrow AM. (sigh…)


Firefly's Running said...

Captain Morgan and Cider...YUMMM!

Awesome trophy!

runnergirl said...

Congrats on the trophy!

Arcaner said...


robtherunner said...

That's a nice plaque there. I think there are certainly some faster times in those legs.