Wednesday, May 30, 2007

26 Miles Through Wednesday? Sweet...

Here is a quick update on how my final week of "base pre-training" is going.

Monday - Memorial Day - STRONG 11- miler - 7:30 pace
Tuesday - Recovery 6 miler - 8:30 pace
Wednesday - Solid 9-miler - 7:4o avg pace

WTD: 26 miles

I think this is the most miles I have ever put in on a Mon-Wed window. My legs are sore right now. I am looking forward to not getting up at 6 to run tomorrow.

Plan for balance of week

Thursday - Hard earned rest
Friday - 5 recovery
Saturday - 11 total - Wheaton 10k race - incl short warmup & 4-mile recovery afterward
Sunday - Rest

Target: 42 miles total

I am starting to feel a little daunted by my plan to do consistent 50-60 mile weeks later this summer. Planning my workouts is a huge effort. The fact is I don't have a simple 9 to 5 job.

My job is great and very flexible. However, occasionally, I need to travel, which can wreak havoc on a training schedule. Quite simply, I cannot get a run in before a 7:00 AM flight out of O Hare. It just is not practical. I guess things could be worse… I could be in Sales.

I really don't know what I am going to be able to run at this Saturday's 10k race. Can I hold 6:40's? I ran 6:25 pace at an 8k in March, but that feels like an eternity ago. Truth is it doesn't matter. It will be my first speed workout of the marathon training season.

Here are a couple of unbiased product review I promised...


A marketing rep from HornetJuice found my blog and sent me 8 trial packets of HornetJuice in exchange for my unbiased review. So here it is...

The stuff seems to work, but it's hard to tell. I just don’t understand the amino acid biochemistry impact and whether or not it’s critical for runners to boost their endurance with them. I can say that I felt great on recent 10 and 11 milers. I drank Hornetjuice less than 30 minutes before each run, and combined it with Gatorade. I also took a GU on one of these – on this run, I rocked.

So, if you feel you need a boost, give it a try. The stuff costs $2 a serving, which can add up quick if you get in the habit of using 5x per week. This may be worth it to some… I am not sure I will be ordering it.

Nike Vomeros+2 - Purchased 5/4/07

I went to Fleet Feet to evaluate new shoes -- not because my Asics Kayano's had failed me, but largely because it had been years since I was professionally fitted. With higher mileage than ever, I wanted to get some pro help. I always thought I had required a stability shoe. After watching me run, the shoe guy explained to me that I am perfectly neutral.

I also tried out some Mizuno’s and the Asics Nimbus. The Vomeros simply had the best impact resistance. These shoes have amazing cushioning - and if you like that, you'll be pleased. I've put 138 miles on them so far, and I am happy. Very cushy and pretty light.


Firefly's Running said...

Great job on the running so far this week.

wayfool said...

hey dude... sounds like your back on the saddle. Careful with the build-up though. You have plenty of time to get up to 50, don't try to do it all in one chunk. I threw in a 50 mile week 3 weeks after Boston and 4 weeks before my half and woke up one morning with plantar pains. Slow and steady....
I think you can manage 6:30s on the 10K, especially with that 11 miler @7:30 pace.

Mark said...

good luck in your race on Saturday