Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Overblown Rant

I am experiencing an interesting affliction that began over the last day and a half. I feel this drive deep down inside of me to spring into action. To chase some challenging goal. To fulfill some deep-rooted ambition. Yet, I am feeling a sense of defeat and despair.

I set a plan into motion for a February marathon as I crushed a 17-mile run on Sunday. Now, I think I injured myself. My Achilles tendon in my right foot is bothering me.

I felt a very subtle, dull pain on Saturday as I coasted through a five miler in Las Vegas. I thought nothing of it.

We returned home late on Saturday night. I went out for my seventeen’er with great vengeance on Sunday. I was motivated by the news that Aaron and Steve just finished a BQ in Philly (before I even woke up!). I finished miles 16 and 17 at paces of 7:07 at 6:38.

I felt the same Achilles act up mid-way through the run, but it did not seem bothersome enough to stop. Sunday afternoon brought mild soreness. Monday brought a consistent sensation of heat on the area and noticeable swelling.

I reflected on the root cause. Last week, I rocked through the hills of Ivins, Utah (shown below). I ran a 6:21 downhill mile at the back end of a 10-miler on Wednesday. I did another six through the same hills on the next day, albeit much easier. I am wondering if the sudden intensity of incline was too much, too soon.

I am not foolish enough to think that this is some great tragedy. However, I am intrigued by the level of psychological impact it has had on me over the past 48 hours. It’s somewhat depressing. Will I able to resume to running soon enough? I am already bowing out of the Turkey Trot this week. I am fearful that I will aggravate it trying to run a 19-minute 5k.

When I try to turn my attention away from running, I get bored. Career seems very slow right now. No journeys to China. Wait, I am heading to London on Sunday for two days. Not looking forward to that. More work than it’s worth it seems.

Hold on a second. I have a pregnant wife. We just had more ultrasound pics taken yesterday. That’s quite thrilling, actually.

I am keenly conscious that this collection of thoughts sounds like a bit of a moan. Actually, it sounds like an outright, unjustifiable bitch. Nonetheless, I am feeling the letdown of what seems to be a perennial November slowdown.

I do not want to go the doctor with this little Achilles boo-boo. It’s very clear that’s what it is. So what can I do?

"Rest, mate. Enjoy your brilliant life. Give thanks to God and give yourself to others around you. 'Tis the season to show gratitude and help those in need." I am speculating that’s what my spiritual advisor would tell me -- if he was British, and if I actually had one.



Triseverance said...

Seems like you have it all figured out. I say go with the RITS plan.
Turkey and

Perry said...

Yes, rest was the only thing that worked for me. Of course, it's 2 years later and I still get a touch of Achilles pain every so often. Ya just gotta live with it.

Joggle on.
Perry, 44

Firefly's Running said...

REST! ICE! And repeat!

Darrell said...

Are you saying you don't and he isn't? Good advice none the less.

jen said...

I think I need an imaginary British spiritual advisor! Brilliant. :)

I know exactly what you are saying with the emotional drag of an injury, however minor. I had a pain that was pretty bad for maybe 3-4 days, and it completely devestated me and sucked out every ounce of enthusiasm I'd worked up for my marathon. Absolutely drained me. Now I am recovered but I'm worried my attitude won't bounce back in time. What have I done! I am spending this week reflecting on all my hard work, being grateful for the gift of running, and overall positive thinking. Thanks for the reminder! :) Take care Ryan!