Friday, July 11, 2008

Bittersweet 5k PR - 2008 Joliet Sundowners

Deja. Flippin'. Vu. That's how I felt about last night's 5k.

Yes, I won my age group again as I did last year. Yes, I set a PR by a whopping 2 seconds. However, I did not make the progress (i.e. run sub-19) I had hoped.

6:34 -- say what the #&$@!?

I was shocked when I saw my split as I approached mile 3. Sure, it was tough, and maybe I slipped slightly off pace. But no way did I feel like I slipped off pace by 30+ whole seconds. Same thing happened last year. Here my splits from last year's race.


I asked around and many runners had the same experience -- a strangely slow 3rd mile. For this reason, call me crazy, but I am convinced the course's mile markers are off. Are they off and the total distance is right? Or is the course long? I am not sure.

As a whole, my training with FIRST is progressing (at least, so I thought).

  • Last week's 17 miler was my best long run in several weeks at 7:30 avg pace.
  • I am hitting all the tempo runs at the pace prescribed by the FIRST plan for a 2:59 workout. This week I nailed a 4-mile 6:28 tempo pace workout at very nearly even splits.
  • I am only slightly off by a few seconds from hitting the targets on the speed intervals (typically ranging in the mid 5:00's for pace)
The above reasons are why I thought I was in decent shape to break 19 last night. Oh well. Still got burgers, hot dogs and a bunch free beer after the race - sweet! Here is a pic of me and Liv posing with my 1st place AG trophy (yes, it is the Dick Pond's hat).

I may do the Viking Sunset 5k at the end of the month. Maybe this will tell me if the Joliet course is long or that I am just not able to hold the third mile of a 5k.

No time to worry about that now. Time to get to bed early for a very early solo 20-miler tomorrow. I am going to experiment with Waterfall Glen. Can you believe I've lived in the Chicago area for 2+ years and never run it? I hope to beat the heat at 6AM on the shaded path.


robtherunner said...

Still, a PR by two seconds, and a great photo of you with your daughter to boot. No surprise you keep running strong.

Andrew said...

Your splits from last year add up to 19:12. Maybe your PR is faster?

Good run though. Keep at it!

Mark E. said...

I was at 6:04 at the mile. Was it just me or did the mile seem a few seconds long? I am usually sub 6. I must have been right with you and the barefoot guy....

Darrell said...

Something seems fishy, but a solid race non the less.

Liv is a little cutie!

Steve Stenzel said...

That mile could be long - either that or you're SUPER consistent!!

jen said...

Congrats on the 5k PR and the 1st place finish. Sounds like the course is off. You are still amazingly fast.

Wonderful picture, what a cute little girl! Hope you had a nice run this weekend.

The Other 50 said...

Mile 3 could certainly be long, but in both years your .1 split at the end is also 6:40 per mile pace.