Friday, July 04, 2008

Still Running Strong - Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day. You may have noticed that my frequency of posting has slowed. Don't worry, I have not stopped running.

Parenthood has happened. If I am not at work, I need to be there for my wife and daughter. Add in some travel, which was two days last week and three days this upcoming week.

Work is more challenging than ever with managing a team of seven. I also need to find the time to train. It's all I can do to keep up with the with my work and family.

I am continuing to follow the FIRST Training Plan. I am on track this week. Last night, I completed a 7 mile treadmill run, which included the middle 5 miles at 6:44 pace, which is considered my "long tempo pace" in my FIRST plan.

Earlier in the week, I had a really challenging speed workout that was comprised of 1200m, 1000m, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m intervals - with 200m slow jog rest intervals. I ran all of these very close to the recommended pace range of 5:40-5:20, which is where I need to be for the 2:59 marathon, says our FIRST authors.

I do think my VO2 max and lactate threshold are improving. However, I am still concerned about the loss of my endurance. My 15 miler in 7:40's last week again was a struggle, which may have been driven by the 90% humidity.

Nevertheless, when I was doing 45-55 miles/week, I had no problem knocking out 15-17 milers on the weekend. However, those weeks included a lot of easy miles vs. my current approach is to run fewer, but much harder miles.

I think the high intensity VO2's/LT workouts during the week are draining me as I approach my Saturday long runs.

This Saturday, I plan to run with a group, which is something I have not been doing at all.

I signed up for the 2008 running of this local 5k race, which is set for next Thursday. I really hope this year I can break below that 19-minute barrier for this 5k. My speed work says I am there. I hope I can repeat as the Men's 30-34 winner.


Darrell said...

It is all a huge experiment of one. No one plan is going to be ther right plan for everyone. Stick with it and see how it goes.

wayfool said...

ryan.... great job. I still enjoy keeping up with your blog entries. Always very inspiring, especially now that your growing into your new role as dad. As for the FIRST program, I think you're going through a transition period right now. Once your body adapts to the tougher mid-week efforts (intervals and tempos), you'll find that the weekend long runs will become more manageable. As I recall, the pfitzinger program had very few weeks that you did both an interval and tempo workout in the same week. I think you'll find in a month or two, things will get easier. You may not even notice the transition!

Mark E. said...

How did you register for Sundowner? I am trying to register as well. I'll be in your age category but a few minutes behind you....

yumke said...

Yeah, the summer is brutal for testing your true fitness. Heat and humidity can really get you down but i'm sure you're going to bounce back I'm interested to see how FIRST works for you

jen said...

Hi! Hope you had a great 4th. Great workouts lately, I am impressed that you work so hard in addition to the family time. :) Keep up the good work. The group run sounds like a fantastic idea.