Friday, August 15, 2008

Mounting a Comeback

First, here is some strange news. Apparently, the Chicago Distance Classic course was too long. Race Director and Runner's World columnist extraordinairre John "the Penguin" Bingham 'fessed up that there was a measurement error in the 2008 course.

The course was 0.17 miles too long, as a result of the turning point was set out too far. This explains my 8:39 seventh mile. So maybe I ran a 1:37. Still 9 minutes behind where I think my conditioning is.

Second, something just wasn't right with me physically during the CDC. I mean I kill a 16 mile run at 7:10 average through the hills of Pittsburgh and I crash and burn on a half mary? I had flu-like symptoms all-day after the race and major bouts of fatigue. I've officially put in behind me.

I'm proud to report that I am mounting a monster comeback. I am still determined that I am capable of PR'ing in Twin Cities on October 5th.

After a easy recovery 4-miler on Tuesday night, I put up a strong 12 mile run on Wednesday morning.

More significantly, today, I killed a strong 20-miler and was in the office by 8:45 AM. That's right, 20-large on a early Friday morning to start the workday. Average pace was 7:34 with a final strong couple of miles. This was a HUGE lift.

I will reflect on the adversity from the CDC and proclaim these next 7 weeks as a monster comeback when I put up a PR in TCM. I am focused and determined.

These times are what make running such a great confidence builder and a positive life tool. Dealing with my running challenges, which actually can be invigorating, make my work issues seem easy.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your comeback!

yumke said...

You can get into the office 30 minutes after your run! I wish I could! awesome runs. You're back.