Sunday, August 17, 2008


I cranked out 52 miles this week -- my biggest weekly mileage since the week of March 31st. Most importantly, I hit key runs of 12, 20 and 12 again today on the treadmill -- all with very solid training times in the 7:30-7:40 avg pace range. This range is in the ideal training zone for me of approx 40 secs slow than marathon goal pace.

I realize that infers my new goal pace is around 7:00, which I think is where to set the target at this point. For now, sub-3 will be set aside to Austin in February, for which I may hire an online coach. I need to be realistic seven weeks out in that running a PR would be a success.

As I reflect, it's been a fairly erratic few months of running as compared to my last two summers. When I say erratic, I do not mean my commitment is any less than the last two years, but my progress and results have been tested.

Yes, I am over last week's poor showing at the CDC, which saw me post a time nearly 9-10 minutes slower than each of the last two years. Not to mention the organizers making it harder on me by adding 0.17 miles to the course! Clearly, it was an abberation.

I suppose it's silly to fret in a 2008 that has seen me set six PR's in distances ranging from the 5k to the marathon. I experienced a couple of major life changes: (1) The wonderful blessing of my daughter and (2) Significantly increased responsibility in my career.

The last several weeks were a conscious efforts to re-build the endurance that I felt suffered when my mileage sunk to the low 30's. I've made great progress in this area. Now, my plan is get re-focused on hitting some speed and tempo mileage in the coming weeks.

I've got to travel back to Connecticut for work this week for three whole days. It does not stop my training, but it does create the need for some creative scheduling. Especially this week since there are a couple of work events in the evening.

I am feeling a sense of renewal. I am building some awesome momentum right now. I've identified a few local races over the course of the next several weeks that I may use to build up to a new marathon PR in Minnesota on October 5th, 2008.

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yumke said...

You've had a busy year indeed. Great to see you cranking out the miles again...