Saturday, October 04, 2008

TCM is Here

Greetings from downtown Minneapolis. The weather today was sunny and breezy here today – quite comfortable. I completed a 3-mile easy run earlier that took me to the start line, which is right in front of the Metrodome.

Fans from the Minnesota Golden Golden Gopher game were trickling out of the stadium. There was absolutely no indication that runners and crowds for “America’s most beautiful urban marathon” would be assembling there in the morning. I expect a flurry of activity from organizers later this evening.

We are staying approximately one mile from the start line. The leading x-factor for this race is sleep. I have run twelve marathons to this point. However, this is my first for which I will have my 5 month-old daughter staying in our room with us.

Liv is an absolute angel and a happy marathon goer. However, I am slightly tired today. Last night, Liv woke up several times since we broke her routine. I am praying we can get her back into her routine tonight. I need a good night’s rest.

Mr. Weather Man is saying we may get wet tomorrow. Although it is expected to be in the comfortable low-to-mid 50’s at the start of the race, the clouds are moving toward the city.

I plan to stay calm the first mile and proceed into the target pace range of 7:05-7:08. I hope to be around 2:22 at mile 20, which is where the ascent begins. I will try to hold pace through the climb to 23. Then I will crank it up and hold on for dear life.


Arcane said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Jim said...

Good luck tomorrow! Hope you get a great night's sleep and the weather cooperates tomorrow.

yumke said...

Hey Ryan, you had a great run! I saw you were on pace at mile 22.

crossn81 said...

Hey Ryan.. hope you enjoyed to wet marathon! Look forward to hearing your review!

Anonymous said...


anxious to see your comments on the race and your results. it was wet for sure, but i loved how the crowds stayed and got louder with the rain - it was awesome. i finished with a PR of 3:29 and a BQ in spite of the rain. i ope you made your goal and i have enjoyed following your progress.