Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monumental 72-mile week -- 5 weeks to Austin

It's official. I am in the best running shape of my life.

I proved that to myself this week with a PR of 72 miles in a single training week, which included a range of workouts from recovery to 6x1000m repeats, and was capped off today with a sensational marathon pace run.

Here's the kicker: All 72 miles were done on my home treadmill, which was repaired on Tuesday this week.

I realize running only on a treadmill is not ideal, but it is the best solution given the conditions right now. I have been smart enough to work in incline intervals in all of my runs, which I hope will reduce risk of any injury.

On the other hand, today's long run had zero stops, which helps really build the stamina and simulate a race situation. That's not likely to be possible outside with snow, ice and traffic. And the treadmill teaches pace control.

I can't believe how easy it was to run 19 miles on a treadmill today with 15 of them at an average pace of 6:46. I kept myself honest with incline and decline intervals ranging from -2.5% to 5.0% (yes, my treadmill has decline). I only had 17 miles w/14 at goal pace scheduled, but I felt so strong that I decided to add on.

The most mileage I had ever run on a treadmill before was 15 miles. The home treadmill has changed the game for my training. I have access to fluids, a cool fan, no max time limit and cable TV with a remote. I watched most of the Giants/Eagles game while I nailed this run.

You can see the details of this week's workouts in my online training log.

I am on track to run a 2:59 or better in Austin on Feb 15th. I am stoked.

Running club update

The initial steps of organizing the PRRC are well underway. I've secured support of the head coach of Track and Cross Country at the local high school, who is very interested to get involved and help launch it.

I also have lined up three other runners who will help organize. I also have received a couple of e-mails from new members who are ready to join. Not bad progress in a single week.


jen said...

Wow congratulations on an awesome week! You certainly nailed the long run and without a single stop is impressive. Great job on the running club progress too! Have a great week. :)

chv63 said...

Ryan, congrats on the strong week!