Sunday, February 21, 2010

Aiming for a 2:54 at the Little Rock Marathon

I am excited to share that all training indications suggest that I am in, once again, the best marathon shape of my life. Bring on marathon #18!

It is will documented that my running blogging career has plummeted to an all-time low. Nevertheless, I keep running onward, which my training log will clearly show.

So far, in 2010, I have run 506 miles, of which 90% have been run on a treadmill. I am pleased to report that they have been extremely high quality miles, to say the least.

Mark my words: I will run a 2:54 or better at the Little Rock Marathon in exactly two weeks from today.

Bold prediction? Sure, it is. But why not, right? Why shouldn't I just lay it all out there? I've run my ass off the last twelve weeks.

A couple of my major highlights include running a simulated 10k on the treadmill at 37:04; as well as running a 15 miles at race pace of 6:40 with several incline intervals throughout the run. And that's just a couple of indicators.

Bottom line is that I have been nailing all of my key workouts consistently such that even Pete Pfitzinger, my training counselor (unbeknownst to him), would be beaming with pride.

I set my personal weekly mileage record not once, but twice, in recent weeks. In January, I celebrated a 78-mile week. Not to quit there, just last week, I finally achieved that seemingly implausible target of 80 miles in a single week. And yes, 100% of those miles came on a treadmill.

I live in the Chicago suburbs and it can get cold, snowy, windy and downright nasty here. The treadmill has become a running way of life.

Some may think that all of these treadmill miles might not translate to race results. I had that exact same concern last year - just before I smashed my PR by 7 minutes at Austin 2009 after doing 90+% of my training mileage on a treadmill.

OK, have I put myself under enough pressure? Whatever happens, it's been a great training season in the comfortable confines of my basement training room.


Queenie said...

Running on the treadmill is the only way I have trained in the winter since I began running seriously. I lived in Minnesota, Ohio, and now the Chicago burbs and am not a fan of cold weather. Training on the treadmill last year helped me get a PR. Good luck in Little Rock!

jen said...

I definitely believe that your treadmill miles will translate (again) to a super fast race. You are fit, strong, and VERY dedicated to your training, and the location of your kick-ass runs is not an issue. You're going to nail it, I have no doubt. Good luck!!

Sean Faulk said...

I live in MN and have been running for 7 years and almost all my miles come on the treadmill for a variety of reasons - weather, family commitments, and often because there is something I want to watch on TV:) As long as you are experiencing success, keep it up. I am still working at the sub 3 goal and your blog is a great resource. Good luck in Little Rock!


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thank you very much

E-Speed said...

glad your running has been going so well! Hopefully I will join the ranks of your sub 3 prowess in 4 weeks!

Yuri said...

I prefer running on the treadmill as well. It's more controlled and scientific. However, when you run outside again it's a whole new experience.

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AnaVar said...

Hi! I just discovered the site, and reading older posts.. I enjoyed going through it and will visit you again soon! I started to run this spring and I hope I'll make it a habit. Nice day! Ana V.

Daniella McConnell said...

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zbsports said...

Aim high it is not bad. Your determination will leads you to success. Good luck to you.

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I prefer running on a treadmill. It gives me extra energy to do so. Nice blog! :)

CharieT said...

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