Sunday, November 05, 2006

Trying to get back into form

Here is a quick entry. My half marathon plan, I’ve decided, will be tough to follow to the letter (as was proven the first week). I am really busy right now. Plus, I felt somewhat fatigued on Friday's 8-miler. Makes me wonder if I am fully recovered from Chicago.

Just got back from a weekend of fun visting my alma mater, Michigan State. No running there. Plenty of eating and drinking much beer. Getting on the scale in the morning. Expecting to be up a couple of pounds.

Although I fell short of my mileage goal, I am OK with it. I need to ease up and relax, otherwise I would risk burning out. If I can get in two 40+ mile weeks and three runs of 12 or more before the Vegas half, I will be happy.

Recap of this week

Mon - 5 miles
Tue - Rest
Wed – 6.2
Thu - 5
Fri – 8.2 miles
Sat – 0
Sun – 0
Total: 24+

I need to focus on work the next few days, so running will be tough. I have an important 1-day workshop that I am running on Tuesday, then travel on Wed-Thurs. However, I will try to get to 30-32 this coming week.

Goal schedule for this week.

Mon – 3 miles easy AM
Tue – Rest – running all day workshop
Wed – 4 in the PM – Travel to Norwalk in the AM

Thu – 8 in the AM – Track work at Norwalk HS
Fri – 5 Recovery
Sat – 12 with group

Goal total: 32


yumke said...

It's great to have a bit of a break, right? I've enjoyed the lower mileage and i'm just savouring the running just for the hell of it...

Tara said...

You're so good about getting in your runs when you travel for work. When I travel I can't seem to find the time in the day to workout. Keep up the awesome work Ryan!

Firefly's Running said...

A break is good. I hope you had fun.