Sunday, November 19, 2006

Eyes on Sin City - Back up to 40mpw

So I've implied lately that I had doubts about registering for the Vegas Half on Dec 10, but I needed to create some motivation and self-drama to get myself up for training for this race.

I did not want to register until I hit this week's mileage target of 40, which was dependent upon this evening's planned 14-miler. Well, I nailed this run, which I ran in pitch dark, cold evening conditions just a short time ago.

We just got back from a Denver visit to my sister's at about 5:45 PM. I ran in Denver the last two days with the mile-high altitude and relatively hilly conditions. I did 5 miles on Friday (7:45 pace) and 5 mile recovery yesterday (8:55).

I could feel the altitude, baby, but what glorious running. Weather was brilliant: Bright, clear, beaming sun as I trotted around the Denver suburb of Littleton.

Tonight, I felt like a blood-doping Kenyan after running at 5,280 feet the last 2 days. This evening, I was flying on pancake flat concrete at near sea level.

My heart rate was way down from the 10-miler I did mid-week. I can't explain it, but I felt STRONG. Maybe I simply was tired earlier in the week.

Tonight, I knocked out over 14 miles at about 7:39 pace total with an average heart rate of 150. Contrast that to the Wednesday 10-miler at 7:49 with a 160 bpm average.

Change of plan for my Turkey Trot. I won't be doing the Naperville Turkey Trot. I will instead be doing the 4-mile poultry predictor in Joliet.

The concept seems kind of fun. The goal is to predict your time before you run. The closest predictors win a Thanksgiving bird. (obviously, no watches allowed.) Plus, this is a registration cost savings of $17.00 vs. the Naperville 5k.

Let's just say that I'm feeling the sticker shock of the $90.80 entry fee I just paid for the Vegas half (which included a $5.80 charge). Highway robby. Ah well, what we do to compete on the big stage.

Recap of 11/13 week

Mon - Rest
Tue - 6 recovery
Wed - 10 before work
Thu - Rest
Fri - 5.25 Easy - Littleton, CO
Sat - 5.2 Recovery - Littleton, CO
Sun - 14.2 - Back home
Total: 40+

Plan for 11/20 holiday week

Mon - Rest
Tue - 6 recovery+speed - will include 10x100m strides
Wed - 10 before work - Easy pace around 8-8:30
Thu - 4 mile turkey trot predictor - Early prediction: 25:40
Fri - Rest
Sat - 16 - training run w/Matt F (Boston hopeful)
Sun - 4-5 recovery
Goal total: 40-42

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Firefly's Running said...

I totally envy you for running the high altitude. I tried running after I got back and felt it was harder. Good luck on the upcoming race.