Sunday, August 05, 2007

Week 10 is Complete – Another Sixty Miles

What a solid week. You’ll see that I exceeded my planned goal mileage of 53 and decided to hit the 60 mark for the second time this season.

Have you heard of that theory that the more work a person takes on, the more efficient and productive they become? Miles are climbing, career work load has increased mildly, and productivity is climbing on both fronts. 60 miles and business trip to London for a 2-day workshop, all bringing on a new direct report - not bad. Throw on a social event, we hosted a BBQ last night as well...

Recap of 7/30 week

Mon – 13 miles – med-hard run – 7:40 avg pace
Tue – Travel to London / Work
Wed – London – 8 miles @ 8:00 avg pace
Thu – London Heathrow – 6 miles recovery – 5pm – home: 4 miles on treadmill 7:25 avg pace
Fri – 6 miles recovery pace
Sat – 18 miles – 7:30 average for 16.5 – added last 1.5 at close to MP (6:55/mi) – total 18
Sun – 5 miles recovery

Total: 60 miles

I am excited for next week’s Chicago half mary. I am praying for favorable weather. I am laying out the goal of 1:26:30.

Folks, I am seriously at a loss of what to expect of myself. I will be doing a lot mental preparation this week.

I have done this before. I have set a goal, prepared for it and nailed it. However, for some reason, this marathon goal seems a bit loftier than most for me. It's not lost on me that this race is a huge milestone toward a sub-3 marathon on Oct 7th.

Check out my last year’s CDC race result post for inspiration. I plan to write one of a similar tone this coming Sunday. 1:26:30 or better, here I come...

I also need to keep focused on my charitable commitment to the American Cancer Society. I am stuck at 58% of my target. Please visit my fundraising page and make a donation, if you are able to. I want to personally thank all of my wonderful donors who have gotten me this far.

In the spirit of cancer awareness, I wanted to share this link to an excellent commentary on the courageous Robin Roberts, the ABC newswoman who went public with her breast cancer diagnosis this past week.

Plan for 8/6 week

Mon – 10 miles - General aerobic
Tue – 9 miles – speed work: 6x600m repeats
Wed – 14 miles – med-long run
Thu – Rest
Fri – 5 miles recovery
Sat – 2 miles easy

Goal total: 53 with a 1:26:30 half marathon

UPCOMING 8/13 WEEK - Going for the big 7-0 - that's right, 70 miles in a single week - "can Ryan do it?!?"


Fran said...

Good luck with the training this week. That is a pretty lofty goal.

wayfool said...
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wayfool said...

whoa! i would kill to be able to handle a 70 mile week. You are entering hallowed ground my friend. Looking forward to your CDC race report. I will bet that with your mini-taper prior to the CDC, you will see a big PR.

Also, the fundraising will take care of itself. 40% remaining with 9 weeks left is easily achievable. You seem to be great at attracting support, so I have no doubt you will see a mass of last minute support 2-3 weeks before the race.

yumke said...

Hey Ryan, great that you've been able to keep up the mileage.. Good luck with the race next week!

Running Jayhawk said...

Hey...your fundraising page wouldn't pull up for me...just a lil' FYI. ACS may be having web issues right now.

You're going to be a beast on Sunday. I'm looking forward to hearing the full report from you!

Darrell said...

Great job with the miles this week especially considering the trip overseas and back. It makes my little trip to Naperville seem really little.

Go for it at CDC!

jen said...

Wow, GREAT job on the "bonus" 60 mile week! You are going to do so great in the half, I'm sure of it. You are awesome!!

Steve said...

In order to reach your goals, you must reach for your goals. Don't doubt yourself and don't hedge your bets. YOu have put the work be hungry for it on Saturday. A 1:26 is completely doable...good things happen to those that make them happen. So make it happen. Race smart and controlled, set the stage through mile 10 and chase the dream the final 5k. You may just surprise yourself.

I look forward to reading the race report.