Friday, August 10, 2007

What the hell is "Bunco" anyway?

So my wife is presently hosting a bunch of neighborhood gals over to our house for some game called "Bunco". Various conversations have led me to believe that this game is some sort of dice game of chance, which got me excited, since I enjoy craps in Vegas.

But coming into the house around 10PM after escaping to the pub for a while, and observing, I'm not sure it's anything like craps. It's more an excuse for these chicks... er, lovely respectable ladies... to get together, drink and gossip...

Anyway, I will be running a half marathon in about 32 hours from now. Probably shouldn't have slugged 4 or 5 beers at the bar and my neighbor's house.... but I have 2 nights in between.

It's going to crazy hot on Sunday. That's a fact. All bets may be off for times. Doesn't matter, just got to give it my all.

I am at a mere 38 miles week to date. I may jog a couple tomorrow just because I can.... then crank it out on Sunday.

I've got a hotel booked for the Labor Day 30k in Milford, MI on Sept 1st. Seems like a good tune-up and workout so I think I will drag Jen out to Michigan. Plus, it's only 1/2 hr drive from my boyhood home, so it will be like a homecoming.

Not sure about what I can do at the CDC on Sunday. Can't wait to sweat my sack off and feel the pain of the early morn Chicago sun. It's all good...

Beginning Monday, I will go for my all-time highest weekly mileage of 70 miles. Here's a fact: I am scared, nervous, apprehensive, reluctant and uncertain about why I am trying to push to these kind of mileage heights.


Fran said...

"sweat my sack off"? That's a new one! Good luck with the 70 miles. Why do you do it? Because you can!

Running Jayhawk said...

Dude. The heat? It's gunna suck some ass.

My vote is for plenty of mimosas and bloody mary's at brunch.

Running in the heat is for the birds. :)

We were just discussing...what time do you have to wake up to make it downtown in time?

Darrell said...

you pretty much nailed bunco on the head there, its just an excuse to get togther and eat, drink and be merry.

Looking forward to seeing how you survived the steam bath at CDC.

Firefly's Running said...

Good luck, Ryan. You will do great!