Thursday, August 02, 2007


So far this week, I went to a trade show for a day downtown, had a couple of fancy business meals, traveled to London, had two all day meetings, traveled back -- and found a way to knock out 31 miles in the meantime. And it's only Thursday nite. Not bad, I suppose.

Monday - 5:45 AM: 13 miles - 7:40 avg
Tuesday - Zilch / travel-work
Wednesday - 6:30 AM London time - 8 miles - 8:00 average pace
Thursday - 6 miles recovery at 4:50 AM London time / 4 miles on treadmill w/ some speed (avg: 7:25) - total 10

Plan for Saturday long run was 15 miles w/12 at MP. I honestly don't know if I can hold that. May be too early. Besides, Jim, our CARA group leader wants to do 18. I'm guessing he wishes to hold steady 7:30's. Maybe I shoud do the 18 with him - and plan to try to push the last six toward my MP goal of 6:51. Eeegads.... it's starting to set in how challenging a marathon goal 2:59:59 really is.

Plan for rest of week

Friday - 7 miles easy
Saturday - 18 miles - deciding on whether or not to try to more MP miles toward the end
Sunday - Rest

Goal: 53-56


Lindy said...

I just stumbled across your blog. You're AWESOME!!! Best of luck to you in the CDC and the Chicago Marathon. I'll be the one in the back. Wayyyy back.

jen said...

It's incredible how you maintain your schedule with the travel. I suppose it makes the physical effects of travel easier to handle somehow... good job.

I know what you mean about your goal pace seeming difficult... well, YOUR goal pace would kill me, but I mean MY goal pace :P But you can do it. You'll be rested, mentally pumped, and then there will be that race-day magic and it'll all come together. Would you rather have some easy goal that you knew you could run with your eyes closed? Didn't think so. Plus that would be dangerous. :P

Anonymous said...

What a life you have. Traveling and running - you impress me how you do it all.

Firefly's Running said...

Great job, Ryan. You simply amaze me!