Monday, October 01, 2007

Back in the USA - Final prep time

I am back in the USA and it feels great. I arrived in Chicago yesterday evening.

I am taking a rest day from both work and running. I ran 90 miles in China during my trip. The best run I had was a 17-miler through the city of Chengdu.

I am beginning my mental preparation for Sunday's race. I have put in the best training in my life for this race. It's going to be a blast.

I feel a sense of anxiety about the race on Sunday. There's a nervous excitement that many of us feel the days leading up to a marathon. It peaks with the thrill of the gun on race morning. It's that thrill that drives us all to continue running. The self-induced internal pressure of wanting to do our best transfoms into glory when we cross that finish line.

I set this ridiculously lofty goal and I am going to chase it with all of my might. Am I ready? Who knows. Doesn't matter. I'm going to give everything I've got. I prepared about as well as I could have.

Below is my race week training schedule:

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 7 mile recovery
Wed - 7 mile "dress rehearsal" w/2 mile at goal pace (6:51)
Thu - 5 mile recovery
Fri - 4 mile speed (6x100m strides) + recovery
Sat - 2 mile recovery
Sun Oct 7th - CHICAGO MARATHON - GOAL: 2:59:59


Firefly's Running said...

Welcome home, Ryan! You have a super fantastic attitude for this marathon. You will definitely accomplish it this year! :D

yumke said...

Wow wow wow!It's coming quick. You've worked so hard and i'll be following you on Sunday!

Sonia said...

Good luck on Sunday! Thanks for the advice about Las Vegas, I went and read your race report.... not pretty!! lol I have a friend who did it in 2005 so I guess they put it all up there for the first year of their race; he liked it a lot! Weather is unpredictable I guess but it seemed pretty nasty!

Running Jayhawk said...

I am sooooooo looking forward to your race report, Ryan!!

Hey, if you need a shower after the thon, we can open up our place to you. I know you mentioned that you may not make it to the 27th mile, but in case you needed a couch to unwind before heading home. I figure by the time you're done, we'll be just over the halfway point (wow, that's either weird or a testament to our eternal slowness!). :)

You're going to rock this bitch on Sunday.

Fran said...

Well good luck to you! Sub 3 hours is an incredible goal! Go for it!

Darrell said...

Go for it, dude! Enjoy the fruits of all that labor.

robtherunner said...

Good luck, Ryan! That positive mental attitude will get you far.

jen said...

Welcome back Ryan!

You've put in the work, you've got the support of your friends and family (and more than a few of us bloggers!), all you have to do is go get that sub-3. Good luck Ryan and have fun! We'll all be following you and sending you speedy vibes all morning Sunday. You can do it!! Go get em! :)

Bob said...

Good luck on your sub 3 hour goal. I am seriously impressed with your work and determination. Your attitude is perfect. Although I have not been commenting i have been lurking. Best of luck and I will be watching. Kick that mothers ass!

Juls said...

Welcome home & best of luck on race day.