Saturday, October 06, 2007

Happy Marathon Eve - T-Minus 12 hours - Bib #924

So, it is finally here. Another marathon. My 2nd Chicago and my ninth overall. Wow, I am becoming a veteran. I am excited. It's going to be sweet.

All bets are off for tomorrow with these conditions, so I am not going to be making any predictions. I realize all along that I have been aiming for 2:59, but it doesn't look like Mother Nature agrees that tomorrow is the day to try.

Tomorrow is expected to be the hottest Oct 7th in Chicago history. It will be mid-80's by 10AM with 65-70% humidity. I hate to sound like I am giving up before trying, but we need to be smart as runners and heed to severe conditions (It kills me to say that when I reflect on this solo training run a short 3 weeks ago). I don't want to melt down and struggle to finish.

Anyway, forget the heat, humidity and the anxiety that it brings. I'm going to race smart, listen to my body, do my best and celebrate my ninth marathon. All I can ask of myself is that I give my absolute best and let God decide the outcome.

Did I mention that raised $2,625 for the American Cancer Society with this marathon effort?

I totally believe Al Gore. This Global Warming thing is getting out of hand. The wife doesn't know it yet, but I am already remotely considering a December marathon. Why? Because I'd like some certainty that it will be COOL when I run.

I am looking into the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL on Dec 8. What, Alabama, you ask? Check out the Marathonguide reviews -- they are all glowing. That's the beauty of marathoning. You can pick an out-of-the-way place, pour your heart out on the concrete and enjoy a new part of America.

By the way, this blog is famous. I was contacted by the editor of Michigan Sports & Fitness magazine about publishing one of my recent posts. For those of you in Michigan, you can see a professionally edited version of this race report in hard print with my by-line if you pick up the mag. Cool! This gives me even more confidence in my writing.

On to 26.2 tomorrow in the visually stunning city of Chicago. Here's another one for the ages. Hope all of you racers run hard, have fun, stay SAFE and enjoy the glory of the moment. Remember: Marathoning is a wonderful way to celebrate life.

I am taking a flight back to China on Monday morning. I'll have a 20-hour trip to write up my race report. Until then, you know how to track the results.


yumke said...

Good luck Ryan!

jen said...

Good luck ryan! You're just underway and I'll be tracking you. This weather is not what you were hoping for but you're going to have a great race. Go ryan go!!!

Taryn said...

Hi Ryan.... just tracked you and saw you had a great finish! Congratulations on yet another amazing marathon and you are so wonderful for raising just about $2700 for the ACS!!

Anonymous said...

Great job of the race despite adverse conditions! and hey-Alabama is not so bad!! I have run Huntsville 2 times...great race!!