Friday, October 05, 2007

Pre-marathon Thoughts

I just saw the world premiere of The Spirit of the Marathon at the Chicago Film Festival. Pretty inspirational stuff. The director, producers and runners featured in the film were there after to answer audience questions. Great views of Chicago and our local CARA organization.

Do I even want to begin commenting on the weather? It's not worth it.

"Don’t be a hero. These aren’t the conditions for a personal best; finishing in one piece is good enough. " So said an article entitled "Chicago Marathon 2007: This One's Gonna Hurt".

I am bib # 924 out of 45,000 entrants. This is quite a high bib number in such an large, elite-laden field.

Can't think or write now. It's late and I need to sleep.


yumke said...

Good luck Ryan!

Michael said...

Good luck man , I hope you and Lance both finish under 3h in 2007!

Fran said...

It sucks that it's going to be so warm. Good luck with the sub-3 attempt if you're going for it.

Jim said...

Good luck! Your doing good by keeping everything positive.

wayfool said...

You've put in some pretty impressive training runs AND, your fast finish long runs have been in warm weather. You'll be fine. Think of it this way... the faster you finish, the cooler it will be! Will be tracking you tomorrow after I finish my half marathon.