Monday, March 10, 2008

Mad Planning For A March Half Mary

Last week's running schedule went exactly as planned. I love it when a running plan comes together.

My goal was to hit exactly fifty miles, which would include a 20-miler through the hills of the Morton Aboretum on Saturday. I nailed the week exactly as I said I would.

I had hoped to get up to meet the CARA group up there on Sat, but it was 9 deg windchill. I'm tired of freezing my sack off, so I delayed the run to mid-day.

This would be my first hilly terrain workout of the entire season. I was pleased with a 7:28 avg for the 20-miler, three weeks after a PR Marathon. I celebrated with blissful rest on Sunday.

I am a mad planner anymore when it comes to sneaking in my workouts.

Tomorrow, I've decided to try to take a longer lunch and run when the temps are supposed to climb into the forties. I love getting my runs out of the way before work, but, as previously stated, the icy, windy cold blows. A warm-up starts tomorrow and I want to feel it!

Sneaking out for a meaningful lunchtime run requires careful planning. I have a reasonably flexible work environment, but you never know when something may pop up.

My day is lighter tomorrow, so I plan to jump out of work at 11:20 AM, drive the nearby HS track and knock out 1000M repeats. I will get in 9 miles total, which should take me 1:07. Note: This means hitting the five 1000M repeats at 3:45 (ouch!) - with a 2 min jog in between.

I'm excited for the March Madness Half Marathon on Sunday. I'm already fired up to race again. It may seem like I'm sand bagging when I say I'm hoping to break 1:30, but the course is VERY hilly. Then again, I just ran a 3:07. I should be trying to break 1:29.

Today, I started the week with a steady general aerobic 8-miler. I will plan for another 50-52 total this week, including Sunday's race day. With speed tomorrow and a race on Sunday, it should be a high quality week.

Six weeks til Boston. Eight weeks (I hope) til Daddy-hood. Woo hoo!


johnking said...

Congrats on the run bro. You gettin pumped for Boston. You can run sub 1:30 half easy I think. I just ran a 1:23 this weekend after massive amounts of wings and beer. Hope running stays consistent!!

robtherunner said...

Good luck this weekend, Ryan!

Darrell said...

Dang, time flies.

jen said...

Good luck this weekend! You'll do great.

Arcane said...

Good luck with the weekend half. All that marathon training just allow you to have a great time.