Sunday, March 02, 2008


I ran a comfortable 33 miles during my second recovery week post-marathon. I capped it off by running a solid 12-miler through a neighborhood in Aurora-Naperville called "White Eagle Club".
This is the second weekend in a row I ran in this neighborhood -- both times due to the stubborn ice and snow that refused to disappear from Springbrook Prairie's running path.

I have to admit that I felt somewhat spent during my easy 7-miler on the treadmill that I had this past Monday, which I ran at just under 8:00 pace. So yesterday's run is good indicator that my active recovery from the LCFB marathon is progressing.

I am primed for the spring running season. This could be the best year of my life - period. Life is going well on all fronts, with the start of my family being the highlight. My running ties it all together for me.

Up next is the March Madness half marathon on March 16. I ran a 1:32:50 there last year, which was pretty good since (a) it is very hilly and (b) I was coming off an injury. I am hopeful I can crush this time.

However, I have ZERO hill training to this point in 2008, so the upcoming half may be a good test. More importantly, I need to get on the hills for Boston - like, soon.

Conceivably, I could run four marathons this year: LCFB (completed), Boston (registered), St. George (trip booked, set to register) and NYC (lottery entered). It is crazy to think that I could set my marathon PR three different times this year, but it's possible.

I've PR'd already at LCFB. I will try to do it again at Boston, if I can go. And I would try a third time in St. George. And NYC I would just run for the experience, but, hey, it's New York - and that would be cool. This week's schedule:

Monday - VO2 max - 8 miles w/5x600m
Tuesday - 11 miles med-long
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - 7 miles general aerobic
Friday - 4 miles recovery
Saturday - 20 miles long
Sunday - Rest

Total: 50 miles

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Darrell said...

What a great recovery week. It goes without saying that you should easily PR at St. George. NYC will be tougher unless you can place yourself closer to the front of the pack at the beginning. It's has the possibility of one exciting running year.