Saturday, May 17, 2008

Marathoning Through the Hall of Favre

Green Bay is here. Tomorrow. As I reviewed my training over the past several weeks, it dawned on me what perhaps may have been missing: Lactate Threshold training.

I really have not had any solid tempo runs in several weeks. I recall a run over the Christmas break where I completed 7 miles solidly at 6:40 pace. I think it was one of the key workouts that gave me the confidence to run a 3:07 in Columbus (not to mention that it prepared me for the numbing repetition of a LCFB Marathon course that is 1 mile x 26.2 laps).

The point is I do not have a similar run in recent memory at that 15k-1/2 mary pace. My last half mary was on March 14, which was a 1:29. With the taper for Boston, and ultimate decision to bow out of Boston, I hopped back on Pfitzinger’s program.

Pfitz places most of the LT work up until the final 3-4 weeks, so LT was not scheduled in recent weeks. While I’ve had a handful of decent speed workouts at 5k pace (e.g. 600m, 1200m and mile repeats), tempos are lacking.

So this training cycle has been a bit screwy. The long run is what matters most, right? I am banking on that 21-miler just a few weeks back, in which I finished the final 3 miles at 6:50 pace. That one left me spent, I will say. I also have a 31:20 8k on March 30, which I suppose is a good indicator of VO2 max. I also have a 10k PR on April 20, though it was a little slower than anticipated.

What does this mean for my race strategy? Assuming manageable weather, I am going to try to flirt with my PR and break if I can. However, I do not anticipate an earth-shattering PR, as I am not trained up for one. Any PR would be a celebration!

Weather outlook is has turned somewhat sour. Potential high winds, slightly cold and likely very wet.

Current PR: 3:07:46 – 2/17/08
GB Race Goal: 3:06:59 – with a negative split of 30+ seconds.
Goal is to come through the ½ at 1:33:45.
No bathroom breaks, please!

Regardless of my finishing time, I look forward throwing up a Favre-like fist pump as I blast a strong final mile into Lambeau.


Arcane said...

I think you'll be fine. I think both lactate and long runs are important depending on what you need to improve. This past traininh cycle, I squeezed in additional LT runs (LT and marathon pace) even though Pftiz only had 1 LT run in his between marathon programs.

Good luck!

yumke said...

Hey, hope all is well. I saw your time at the half was right on target...