Sunday, May 04, 2008

Tapering and Parenting

I have felt extremely busy since Alivia's birth - that is until today when a power failure gripped our village for about 5 hours. At least we were able to go to our first pediatrician visit during this time.

I have not been to work since I left the office on Tuesday morning at 9:30 AM to go to the hospital. In addition to holding my girl, I have been working on the yard and trying to support Jen when I can with the baby.

Despite my daughter's birth on Tuesday, I managed to hit all 39 scheduled miles in taper week #1.

On Saturday, I did some hard speed work. Then I did a 16-miler yesterday, in which the last two miles I felt myself crashing.

Once again, long runs after speed work tend to be a challenge for me. I did not run with anywhere near the intensity of last week's 21-miler. I think the poor diet and lack of sleep I have had over the past week may be a contributing factor.

For now, I will throw my hat in the Green Bay ring this week and see what happens. Maybe some Yasso's on Wed after a recovery run tomorrow. That'll build some confidence, won't it?


yumke said...

39 miles even with a new one! you are amazing! I'm ready to be shocked by your next marathon performance. your long run speeds are breathtaking...

Triseverance said...

Newborns are fun, enjoy every minute of it. Good luck in Green Bay that is a nice flat fast course.