Saturday, May 10, 2008

Shunned by St. George -- Here I come TCM!

Did I mention I am running Green Bay next Sunday? Should I wear my Detroit Lions jersey for when I run into Lambeau?

I suppose taper is going OK. It's a weird taper, since I was tapered for Boston, then bailed for my daughter's birth. I then ramped up quickly (to the extent I could) and tapered again. Not to mention having a 8-day old daughter throws some curves into the schedule. Let's call Green Bay somewhat of an experiment.

The news of the day was that I am apparently not so lucky when it comes to marathon lotteries. It appears that I am an official "loser" of the St. George lottery, despite having a 71.4% chance to gain entry and two tax-paying parent-residents. Maybe I'll have better luck for NYC?

The back story is that my parents are retired in St. George and we had a family outing planned with our new baby centered around the marathon. We'll postpone our visit by two weeks for Plan B.

I decided Plan B is to enter Twin Cities, which is the same weekend as St. George. I am officially registered as of this morning. My only hesitation with Twin Cities was the elevation chart that tells me miles 20-23 are a steeper climb than Heartbreak. I suppose it's a minor obstacle for my first sub-3, but I am going for it anyway. I welcome your thoughts if you have run TCM.

I am set to run Green Bay next week, recover for a couple of weeks, and start the 18-week 70mpw Pfitz program for TCM on June 2nd.


yumke said...

Good luck! You're on target for three marathons this year? Or More?

johnking said...

goodluck in Green Bay. As a loyal Bears fan make sure and disown Lambeau for me!

Chad said...

Good luck in Green Bay.

TCM sometimes gets a bad rap for that stretch from 20-23. It's mostly gradual. If you were out on a training run you'd only notice a short, steep uphill just after mile 21 and lasting about 2 minutes. After that it's a gradual uphill till mile 23.

Triseverance said...

Have fun and good luck in Green Bay, you will not be the only one wearing enemy colors, seems to be a popular choice.

Nitmos said...

No advice on Twin Cities here. Best of luck for the first post baby marathon.

I wouldn't wear your Lions jersey around. People will just take pity on you. Unless you also wear a Fire Millen paper bag head. I can say this because I'm a Lions fan. Unfortunately.