Sunday, June 01, 2008

Contemplating the TCM Plan

Today is June 1st, 2008. And I'm torn.

The TCM is 18 weeks from today. I'm still a little fuzzy on how I will devise my plan.

Initially, I was committed to the Pfitz 70-mpw plan. But I am rethinking that idea.

I've since come to terms with the unpredictability of being a supportive father of a 4-week old daughter -- as well as a compassionate, committed husband to a new mother who needs help. Right now, I can't just drop everything and run 70 miles a week when I want.

I also have been reading about the FIRST Program and am debating if I will follow some variant of it. Maybe I run four days a week and really focus on nailing the three quality runs.

On the bright side, I knocked out a solid 14-miler that I started at 6:30 AM today. It was a good step toward figuring out my plan.

I ran 30 miles this week, which included three days in Connecticut. I finally think I am ready to ramp up a bit since the GB Marathon.

In addition to my long runs, I plan to do a tempo and track workout each of the next three weeks before the DG 10-miler on June 22.


jen said...

I've heard good things about FIRST. I think you would do well, especially because you are commited and hard-working. When I tried it, I ended up running mostly easy miles which is not the point. I think it's the perfect plan for you though- it will give you the flexibility you need while still giving you a plan to follow. :)

Dana H. said...

Back when I was in my early 30s, and before the FIRST plan existed, I decided that my body just could not handle running every day. So I adopted a 3-day-a-week plan in which every run was hard. Typically, I did 6 to 8 hard miles on Tuesday and Thursday, and then a long but fast-paced run on Sunday (working up to 20 miles or so). On the non-running days, I would swim or cycle 2 or 3 times per week.

With this schedule, I was ultimately able to run a 36:34 10K and 2:58:59 marathon. So it worked for me.

robtherunner said...

The FIRST plan might be a good option for a new dad. I am thinking about the Pfitz 55 mpw plan for my marathon training. Good luck working out the balance.