Sunday, June 22, 2008

Downers Grove 10-miler - PR Streak Restarted!

My daughter Liv came out to see her Dad race for the second time ever. She had far higher expectations for Dad on this 10-mile race vs. the Soldier Field 10M last month, where I cramped up badly and crawled in at 1:10.

This is the third year I've run the DG 10-miler and I really look forward to it. I love Downers Grove. The race volunteers and citizens are so friendly. I really would consider moving to this beautiful Chicago suburb, which is about 20 miles NW of where we live today. The sprawling trees, the ornate classic homes and the rolling hills all add up to true Americana.

Along with Liv was my wife and my mom who has been visiting us from Utah. It was a real family affair today. We had some unexpected car trouble on the way to the race. Luckily, we made it to DG, but I knew there may be an issue to deal with when I finished.

The race offers 5 and 10-mile distances; the latter of which is simply two loops through the town. I ran this course last year in 1:07:45, and 1:11:52 in 2006.

My goal this year was to break 1:07, knowing that I need to start showing some progress to inch down toward sub-3 marathon conditioning. I planned to target 6:40's, which would get me in at 1:06:40.

I was hoping my FIRST speed training would help me improve slightly over the past few weeks - not knowing if my endurance was there. I am pleased to say my final two miles felt very strong. My final mile was a 6:28, my fastest of the day.

First half: 33:14
Second half: 33:36
Finish time: 1:06:40 (6:40/mile) - Goal time exactly achieved. New 10M PR by 1:05.

The race director announced a glitch with the timing machine and the results would be delayed. She said she would mail all medals to the age group winners. Little did I know I placed third and will be getting one!

OK, so I need to be able to run a 1:04 10M race to be in sub-3 shape. But today was progress. I have 15 weeks to the TCM.

After the race, our car began to overheat again. There is a problem in the thermostat in the engine. We got it to a service station and waited several hours, hoping for a quick fix. We were able to enjoy a fat lunch at Fuddrucker's while waiting, but no luck on the repair. They couldn't get the part they needed today.

Our car waits to be repaired in Downers Grove at this very moment. The four of us taxied home in a cab driven by an older, far more ornary version of "the Dude" featured in the film, the Big Lebowski.

Upon my request that he remove the piles of newspaper, cigar wrappers, coffee trash and other debris from the passenger seat, our faithful driver replied: "I know, dude, but your're going to have to a minute!" What a prick.
See you again next year at the DG 10-miler.


yumke said...

Dude, what a great performance. You'll have to post a picture of the medal!

wayfool said...

Awesome job! The strong finish indicates you had a lot left in the tank. I would bet you're in sub-1:06 shape right now, probably lower if the temps were ideal.

As for the FIRST program, I think the principles are sound. Remember, the cross-training days are just suggested... it doesn't mean you can't run, just run the miles easy. Also, without the longish midweek run, you might have more left in the tank to go slightly harder on the long run, especially if you toss in some longer fast finish runs. Congrats again on the PR!

jen said...

Congrats on the PR and AG Place! Awesome. :)

I love "Liv" for a nickname. Great picture. Good luck with the car!

Darrell said...

I feel like a jerk. Sorry I missed the big day and the decision on Boston. That was a tough one. Super huge congratulations on your beautiful little girl.

Training is going to be a challenge for the next few years. If you have to skimp somewhere don't skimp on your family.