Sunday, June 08, 2008

Unveiling my "FIRST" TCM Plan

I am anxious and to unveil my 16-week training program for the Twin Cities Marathon, which has been borrowed from the bright folks over at FIRST (see below image). My plan is set to begin on June 16th, so one more week of preparing.

I've read the FIRST book and all the testimonials. What's more, my friend Steve keeps selling me on the principles of specificity - and I refuse to argue with his 2:51 in Boston, and his continued progress since with the low mileage+high intensity formula.

I am ready to be amazed as I strive for the elusive sub-3 again this year. I am scared to death of some of these track workouts scheduled for Tuesdays this summer.

Another concern is my diet. My weight is typically anywhere from 168 to 174 lbs. I really want to try to get down to a race weight of 165 lbs, which should improve my chances for sub-3.

I eat a ton. It feels like it, anway. This is not too mention all those empty beer calories and my hankering for ice cream toward the end of any given day. I went out shopping today and bought a ton of healthy fruits and vegetables. I am eating much better these days, but the weekends truly test my willpower.

I started pre-training with the FIRST model this week with a cross-training workout on Tuesday. Maybe my first step towards tri'ing?

I capped off the week with an early Saturday 16-miler at the I&M Canal Trail, during which I ran pretty consistent 7:36's (GMP+45 sec). This made for a paltry 27 miles for the week, which included a couple of shoddy speed and tempo workouts.

The final two miles were tough and I felt quite dehydrated. I've got a million miles to go to sub-3 shape, it seems - despite running a 3:12 only three weeks ago. However, I know the humidity was a major factor.

My streak is alive. I was denied entry into NYC. That makes "0-fer-2" on lotteries this year.

On a bright note, I'll be marathoning in Texas in 2009. I just made arrangements to head to Austin in February for a family/marathon visit.


jen said...

Looks like a good plan. :)

I've heard good things about Austin! Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank

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Thank you so much again and I hope you decide to join in our great cause!


-NIkki and Team AICR