Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cramming a 70-mile week into Christmas time

Happy Christmas Eve.

I modified last week's schedule slightly from 59 miles and hit 56 in total. I figured it was OK to cut the recovery run and add a few back later in the week.

This week is the big test. There are 70 miles on the schedule. Doing 70 miles any week of the year is tricky, but it can be especially difficult to stay motivated when that week is Christmastime.

Should I be stressing about hitting a workout on Christmas day?

Furthermore, the weather has been horrible, like everywhere in the US this winter so far. Not to mention I've got family around here and I need to spend the time with them.

Fun fact of the week: I have not run outside since a 20-miler on Dec 7th. I've done 137 miles all on a treadmill over the past 17 days. That's how bad it's been outside.

I hit the double yesterday, which required two workouts totaling 10 miles at recovery pace.

However, I'm slightly behind the 8-ball now. Obviously, it's Christmas time. We got wallopped with winter weather yesterday and my parents flight was majorly delayed. We got home from the airport last night at midnight.

I was supposed to have done 15 today, but the timing didn't work. I got up later and spent time with my parents. I didn't want to cheat time with my sister's family and my parents later in the afternoon, so I swapped out and did the 6 recovery that was planned for tomorrow.

With that change, here is the remaining week to get to 70 miles:

Tomorrow (Christmas day) - 12 miles w/ 7 at LT pace
Friday - 15 miles
Sat - 5 miles recovery
Sun - 22 miles

This will be a challenging upcoming four days. If I can nail this 70 miles, it will be a big boost. I hope to run outside for Friday's 15-miler. For tomorrow's tempo workout, I want to use the treadmill so I can hold that steady 6:25-6:30 pace for all seven miles.

I've upheld pressure on Pacemaster and the tech services firm to get my home treadmill fixed, but I'm still waiting to hear that the part has been shipped. It's a bit of a debacle at this point.

Merry Christmas!


Darrell said...

If you can get it done during the Season's Festivities and the weather, the awesome. If not I wouldn't beat yourself up too badly. Make the most of the family time.

Merry Christmas.

chv63 said...

Ryan, I'm planning to run in Austin as well, so your log caught my eye. Was wondering how you arrived at 6:25-6:30 for your LT pace?

Ryan said...

Chv63, your lactate threshold pace is the fastest you can run in about 1 hour. Many experts say it ranges btw your 15k and 1/2 marathon race pace.

I am trending toward (or targeting, depending on how you look at it) a 2:59 marathon. If you trust McMillan's calculator like I do, and plug in 2:59 for the marathon and review the goal race paces for 15k and 1/2 mary, you'll see 6:25 is just about mid-point.