Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Treadmill challenges, but still on track -- 8.5 weeks until Austin

Last week, I completed my schedule with near perfection. I ran 65 out of the 66 planned miles -- all on a treadmill. My single mile missed was a result of my treadmill breaking down and not having enough time before work to make it up.

Fortunately, my subdivision has a clubhouse right down the street that has a couple of good treadmills. I was able to run over there and complete most of last Thursday's workout after wasting 15 minutes.

The highlight of last week was the pace run I nailed. I ran 6:49 for 12 straight miles during a 15-miler with the final pace mile at 6:40. It was very tough - especially on a treadmill at the clubhouse without a working TV. This was a great indicator of my progress.

I haven't run outside since a week ago Sunday and I have done 75 miles since then. I never would have guessed this would be possible. Not ideal, but it's brutal out here in Chicago. We've got freezing temps, 6+ inches of snow on the ground now and the ice storm is on its way.

I own a Pacemaster Elite VR treadmill. I'm a little flustered that an electrical component in it failed after a mere 100 miles. It's been a bit of a saga with buying this treadmill. The first unit I had the store pick up due to a suspicious looking sticker on it that indicated it had been pre-owned by a high school (so much for a "floor" model).

The retailer replaced it with a brand new unit and it has been working great over the past couple of weeks. I fell in love with the convenience of the basement treadmill with the TV and the freezing conditions outside. Then... bam!.... error code 300. Hopefully, the part and technician will be here by early next week latest.

On another note, I received confirmation from the BAA that my Boston entry has been accepted, "provided the info that you submitted is accurate". No worries, there.

This week is a recovery week of a light 59 miles. Last night was a general aerobic 10 and tonight will be my first speed workout on this cycle: 9 w/ 6x600m's.


Juls said...

Congratulations on your Boston entry.

Darrell said...

Gotta laugh about the "provided the info is accurate" proviso.

Nice bit of improvisation getting to the clubhouse to finish up the miles.

59 being a light weeks is just mind boggling to me, yet awesome at the same time.