Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ringing out 2008 with 2,262 miles for the year

Well, 2008 is just about history. I tallied more mileage in 2008 than in year in my entire life.

I ran two thousand two hundred and sixty-two miles in one year. That's an average of roughly 43.1 miles per week for the entire year. That's a butt load of miles in my book.

I ran 11 races in 2008. I set new PR's in the following distances: 5k, 8k, 10k, 10M, 1/2 marathon and the marathon.

I ran three marathons in 2008: LCFB in Dublin, OH; Green Bay and Twin Cities with an average time of 3:08:40. That's consistent Boston caliber.

I ran through two NFL stadiums in 2008: Soldier and Lambeau Fields.

Through all of it, I took on a new job in my company last April that has me managing seven people. The additional stress and challenge did not deter my running.

Also in 2008, I became a treadmill junkie after caving in and buying one for this tough winter. After returning the first one, the second one broke down and still awaits repair three weeks later.

Most importantly, I became a dad and continued to run through it all. My baby girl has been an inspiration for me and I hope to use running to inspire her in the years to come.

Here's the kicker: I am considering myself officially healthy through all of it. In my last post, I described a possible shin split issue. I am excited to report that a day off Monday seems to have cured it. I ran a hard 9 with speed last night and a solid 14 today with no pain at all. Yippee!

I am thrilled with my year of running. I hope the few that read this blog are proud of their running accomplishments in 2008.

I will lay out my 2009 goals tomorrow. I have high aspirations. I also plan to take my running in a more social direction and connect with my community. Details to come.

For tonight, I will kick back and relax with my family, reflect on an amazing year and be thankful for the life that I will bring into 2009.

Happy New Year to all runners everywhere - Make 2009 your best year ever.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan. Congratulations on a great 2008! Six Prs is quite an accomplishment for anyone. Good luck in your goals for 2009 and good luck at Austin.

I've been to Chicago several times and is a great city to run in.

Happyy New Year and a safe amd injury-free 2009! - Wayne

Michael said...

Happy new year Ryan. I am a blogger from greece. Ran the paris marathon 07 (4:20) and barcelona marathon 08 (3:58). I read you blog and I like it! - Mike

yumke said...

Hm, you gonna be leading a local running group? Congrats on a solid year.

Darrell said...

What a great year you had. All those PR's attest to what high mileage training can do for you.

Looking forward to a successful and fulfilling 2009.

Ryan said...

Thanks Wayne, Michael, Darrell, Kenny...

OK, Yumke, was it that obvious?