Sunday, May 14, 2006

8k race / Strong finish to a hectic mid-week

I can only guess how many planned morning runs that I have missed over the years due to sleeplessness. It happened again this week, while I was in Baltimore at the hotel fretting over work issues in bed. I need to learn to relax. I can't get up and go after 5 hours of sleep like some people. I'm seriously ready to seek a doctor's help.

The second greatest run killer for me are travel delays (which causes lost sleep). That also happened this week on Thurs night with a weather system freezing air travel near O'Hare temporarily. Another 3 hours of my life I'll never get back.

Of course, I have been totally behind at work, so I've not been able to cut corners to go run. Despite the constant schedule hurdles, it was a highly respectable week - with an outstanding race performance on Saturday.

Mon 5/8 - 3.2 miles
Tue 5/9 - 11:55 AM - 5.0 miles
Wed-Fri - DNR for various reasons: weather, travel, sleeplessness
Sat - Joliet 8K Race - Cool weather with sprinkles - Smokin' pace - See recap below
Sun - 7.2 miler through North Plainfield - Excellent cap to the week - 7:38 pace / Avg Hr: 156
TOTAL: 20.1 miles

Joliet 8K - Last time I did the math, an 8k race was equivalent to about 4.96 miles. So I figured I would try to run somewhere close to 7:00-7:10 mile, since I haven't been in any race shape lately. The Joliet 8k surprisingly brought on a few hills, which were a welcome change of pace. The temp's were high 40's and damp with some moisture.

Let's just I was a bit surprised to cross the finish at 32:27 for 8k. It's not that I didn't race hard, but 6:32 mile pace??? I'm struggling to believe it. Not helping me believe was that my Polar distance monitor read 4.78 miles - were both the watch and the race organizers off??

I've not run that fast in a year. Nevertheless, It was good for THIRD in my age group out of 18. Had I known that earlier, I may have stuck around to see if it won me an announcement over the PA. Who knows. I am thinking this 8k may have been a wee bit short.

I ran a 3.5 mile race last year at 6:26 per pace, which I think is my fastest recorded race pace for any distance.

The Western Springs 10k is next up in two weeks on Sat. May 27. I'll try to go for a 41:30 on this one.

Planned mileage this week
Mon - Rest
Tue - 5
Wed - 6
Thu - 4
Fri - Gym - bike/strength train
Sat - 8 long
Sun - 4

NOTE : We leave for Cabo San Lucas two weeks from today!


Zeke said...

Ryan, nice job with the 8K. Even if it were 4.78, you'd still have broken 34 minutes.

Believe it or not, I started running when I was 10 and living in Joliet. I lived there 1 year and starting to run was the only thing about that place that I liked.

I want to say we lived near Highland Park and Pilcher Park.

robtherunner said...

Great job on the 8K. I am thinking of running more short races in the future.