Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rounding out my 1st week in IL

New home chores that distracted me from running...

Weeding, Laying sod, Mowing the yard, Watering the yard, Installing new bath light fixtures, Installing new bath faucets, Unpacking boxes, Breaking down boxes, Taking boxes and garbage into garage; You get the idea...

I am exploring new terrain in my new hometown. This place is FLAT.

I ran in the Kayanos for the first time today. Six miles total - an out & back to a bar called Gunther's.

I ran the first half mile with my wife at a leisurely 10 min pace around our subdivision - and then went off on my own.

Total: 45:06 - 7:31/mile


UPCOMING RACE: Joliet 8k - Sat 4/13

Plan for 5/8 week
Mon - 3
Tue - 5
Wed - 4 - then travel in PM
Thur - Away in Maryland
Fri - 4 EZ
Sat - 8k RACE - Joliet
Sun - 4

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robtherunner said...

Glad to hear you are getting settled in to the new house. Getting out to run at all with all those chores is an accomplishment in itself. Enjoy the flats, but try to find some hills.