Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's Thursday nite and I need to get my ass in gear

So I've run 10 miles this week so far. 5 on Tues and 5 on Thurs. :( I need more!

See, out here in the SW Chicago 'burbs, it's been rainy, windy and unpredictable. (Excuse monkey is talking). OK, it's also 'cause I'm a ball of stress and I need to get my priorities in line.

I will rock out another 5 tomorrow, 4 on Sat, and hopefully 7 on Sunday.

This will get me to 26 for the week... if I can pull it off.

I know, you're thinking... "only 26 for the whole f'in week?? and you want to run 26.2 in only 3 hrs 10 min later this year??"

I'm grappling for reality also.


Running Rabbit said...

3:10! Yeah...I will be no where near your league, buddy! I am hoping to just finish!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...

robtherunner said...

Well I can tell you 26 miles per week does not = 3:10, but I know you will get life back together and start knockin out some miles.