Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fiesta Vaca. - then TRAINING BEGINS

It's Friday, May 26 at 6:13 CDT PM.

I have not blogged since last Thursday. Yes, I know, it feels like a crime.

To recap last week, I made it 21.5 miles. And this week has been soft at 8 week to date.

Some may wonder "why the inconsistency, Ryan"? Maybe I am wannabe committed runner.

I've put in 12-hour days at work 3x this week and I think I've weathered the storm. I'm going to knock out what I can tomorrow morning... goal is 7 miles. I've been softening since I am preparing for vaca.

Major developments:

  • I registered for the Chicago Marathon on 10/22/06.
  • I have purchased and begun reading the book Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger.

I'm leaving for a grand vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 2 days on Sunday. Those who know me will understand I will be doing my fair share of drinking and carousing.

Here is my commitment to myself: When I return from vacation on June 4, the Chicago marathon training regimen will be front and center in my life.

I am to going read the Pfitizinger book (can't spell that damn name) cover-to-cover over the course of my vacation. I'm already two chapters in; let's just say that I am inspired and overwhelmed at the same time.

This is the marathon in which I will give my all. June 5th, 2006 -- there will be 20 weeks.

IMPORTANT... As an aside, if anyone knows how I can create a cool blog template with the chicago skyline , please let me know. I've already downloaded the pic I want. I want to have a cool blog background like so many of you out there - instead of this boring Blogger standard template. HELP :)


Liv said...

That's the best way - relax on your vacation, and get completely psyched for the training ahead. Then, to coin a phrase, just do it!

robtherunner said...

Have a great vacation and get all that drinking out of your system. I am no template expert and had someone else do mine for me.

Lora said...

Welcome to flat Illinois!! Hope you're just about unpacked. I got my blogger head done by a fellow blogger to advertise his business...check out my header and you can click on the little-bitty link on the lower rt-hand edge to see his work.

Have fun on vacation and then kiss those beers goodbye!

Running Rabbit said...

Sun, beach, drinking, fun...can I fit in your suitcase? I need a little holiday myself. I am so jealous!