Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Got Garmin??

In an e-mail that contained ramblings of how I should run my long runs faster and his interval paces, my friend Steve informed me that today he bought Garmin Forerunner 305.

This is the same Steve who is getting married in September (yes, 5 weeks before the marathon we are both running - 'cept he's going on his honeymoon for a week right after!) and the same Steve who is trying to have his bachelor party in Vegas in August (dude, a 20 miler in the desert in August after getting you drunk all night - are u nuts?). Hell, he's already run a 3:09 and run Boston, so he's got that latitude.

So, now I'm feeling a little jealous and tired of my Polar RS200sd that cuts in and out on runs. I found an e-tailer selling the Garmin at $260 delivered, which seems like a pretty great deal -- if you actually receive it and that your identity is not stolen. (Some reviews suggested these were possible outcomes). Contemplating... hard.

I've been getting no shortage of advice lately. Some people think my 8:30's may be to slow for my long runs to get to 7:15 goal pace. OK, so I'm joining the 8 pace group on Saturday.

And what about HILLS? I've heard nothing from Pete P. on hill repeats! I know Hal spoke to us at the CARA SuperClinic about hills.

I gave the legs a needed breather today. Going to bed early to knock 10 in the morn, "Gen Aer" style, as Pete P would prescribe. Going to run 7:45's. 10 miles. Looking forward to it.

Off to dreamland....


Firefly's Running said...

I want a Garmin too, but having to wait for a little bit longer and have the money to spend on that.

It's good to rest - the legs really thank you for it.

Good luck running tommorow.

Nicole said...

I defintely think you should do what feels right for your body because there will always be more advice than needed. I'm rooting for you all the way to Boston.

Ousmane said...


This is my first marathon and I would like some advice.

First, I just want to finish, maybe below 3 hours.

Second, I am muslim and will be fasting between Sept. 26th to Oct. 24th, about two weeks before the NY marathon on Nov 5th. What should I do? what can I do to prepare? I will be fasting from sun up to sun down (no food or water or anything).

Third, I am doing 10 min per mile, how can increase my pace? I am runnign alone.

Fourth, what should I watch out for as a first timer.

Thank you so much. I am running to benefit street kids around the world. I would like to start benefiting street kids in Senegal- where I am from. How many miles a week should I be doing at this point? Does it really matter now, or should I be at a higher mileage?

Right now, I am running 4 times a week-total of 20 miles.

Here's my blog-

I really would appreciate any advice. What are the gear that I must have?

robtherunner said...

I am not going to give you any advice since I am struggling with my running right now, but I can tell you in the marathons I ran under 3:10 I was running my long runs between 7:30-8 minute pace with a few closer to goal pace around 7-7:15 pace. The long runs close to goal pace were a huge confidence boost.

Liv said...

Garmin is wonderful! And while I'm all for getting it online at a good price (mine came from ebay, which I highly recommmend) - make sure it's a reputable site. It would really suck to be out all the money you spent on that "good" deal.

Zeke said...

Was this an attempt to get Steve to update his blog?

I won't get into the whole Garmin-thing.

As for long run pace, I don't think it really matters. Just go out and run what feels comfortable to moderate. On a few of those long runs, drop the pace the last 4-5 miles.

Pfitz's marathon paced runs are the ones that need to be run at goal pace and will give you an indication as to whether or not you can run 3:10.

mouse said...

"Gen Aer style"

haha! I love it! I'm soooo stealing this one from you. :)

yumke said...

Garmin: Go Ebay, I bought both my 201 and 305 from Ebay and had no problems at all. You should get a good deal out of it too.

As for long runs, I'm also stuck. I tend to run them faster than programs call for. But it's crazy to run them too close to your goal pace, correct. Don't want to get injured.

Running Rabbit said...

I got my Garmin 205 on-line for about $200. You must be looking at the 305? I think you'll be fine getting it on-line.