Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Week 5 update - Rolling along and getting into tempo

I'm finding that I'm not only committed, but borderline compulsive about keeping my training plan. Any slight imposition on my calendar, and I experience stress when trying to find a way to ensure I hit all the miles. So far I've stayed on track, but it will get tougher.

We've got Bon Jovi concert tix for Friday @ Soldier Field (how will I get to bed at a decent hour for the Sat run?), in-laws in town this weekend who will want to do things; and travel for work next week. Not to mention a business trip to Europe the week of Aug 21st, which will be a challenge.

Here's a quick update on this week's activities heading into tomorrow's workout:

Mon 7/18

I took Jim's (from CARA) advice and decided to try my tempo run on the track. It was still blazingly hot on Monday AM - even at 6:10 AM when I began the 3-mile warm-up. Since North Plainfield H.S. track is not open I had to drive down to Central Plainfield H.S.

First, I did three miles at about 8 min pace on a nearby bike trail I found down there, but it was all based on feel since the Polar Pod is shot. (Related note: I'm digging for the receipt to send back on warranty). Next, I sucked it up and hit the track...

My goal was to run tempo pace of 6:55-7:00 per mile for 16 laps. The seemed like a good lactic threshold pace for me with for my current fitness level. This makes the split target of about 1:43-1:45 per lap. I knocked out 11 laps right on pace like clockwork. Admittedly, it was a bit monotonous, and I felt the HR climb toward the later laps, but I was impressed with my consistency to hit pace.

The heat and the intensity of the workout were causing me some difficulty, but I was hanging in. After 11 laps, I did need to wipe away sweat and swig some Gatorade+Water. I quickly resumed and completed the last 5 laps at a pace even stronger than I expected.

I'm not going to list all the splits, but I did an average of 6:58 pace for 4 miles. My 400m split range was 1:37 to 1:46. HR range were in the mid 160's for the first 7 or 8 laps and climbed into the 170's for the second half.

I then completed my 9-mile run with an easy 2 miles at 8-min pace. Success!

Time: 1:08:23
Est Dist: 9
Avg Pace: 7:36 (middle 4 miles were at around 6:58 - 5 were at around 8)
Avg HR: 157 for the entire run

Tue 7/18 - 5-mile recovery

These runs aren't worth providing any detail. They are slow, steady and easy. Did my typical out and back in my land of 'burbia for a total of 44:42. Again, no distance monitor, but by sheer feel and past runs, it was about 5 even.

Time: 44:42
Est dist: 5
Est pace: 8:55
Avg HR: 136

WTD mileage: 14 - Mileage target for the week: 46

TOMORROW 6AM: 10-mile general aerobic
Goal pace will be around 7:45

Thurs: Rest - Fri: 5-mile recovery - Sat: 17 miles - Sun: REST

Good night and run onward, friends...


Arcaner said...

Looking good! Great times. Running around a track can be boring, but once you get comforable with the pace and effort, you'll be able to do it by feel.

robtherunner said...

I have been trying to stick to the plan closely as well, but have had to alter it to keep all else in balance. I am doing a couple ultra's that are going to throw me off schedule, but I decided to just treat them as my long run and just stick to the plan on all the rest of the runs. However, the ultra's will allow me a day off that I would not get otherwise. I guess the 70 miles plus a week is pretty hard to do if you take a day off. I am feeling good about things so far.

Steve said...

Keep it up. I too am questioning my Obsessive / Compulsive disorder. But then again, I have always thought you got to be 'kind of border line' with issues to be considered a true distance runner. Why else would we do this to ourselves and say we enjoy it, that it is worth it and fun?

Good job my friend. And if you are not getting excited, start too. Your training is moving along great.

BTW...how to get home early from the concert? Do the Pittsburgh thing...leave before it ends. Stupid Pittsburghers.

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome run! Way to beat the heat!

Running Rabbit said...

JC!! Never agin will I complain that I have too much to do. (okay...well maybe!(

Nicole said...

I feel your pain. Summer is so busy it is hard to stay on track. I've missed one run so far but I've let it go. So, I think the best advice is to be realistic and remember we all have to live. I do think running in Europe could be awesome.
Keep up the good work

yumke said...

Well, welcome to the club... compulsive training schedule follower club, that is.. that said, wow, good on your for keeping that pace on tempo runs in the heat.. i would have wilted by lap 4..