Saturday, July 15, 2006

Week 4 recap / A need for speed heading into Week 5

Sat Jul 15 - 15 miles - Finishing out a week of 43 miles...

"Damn, I forgot to grease my nipples..." Only in a running club would you hear that quote and not become overly bemused. Thankfully, it wasn't me who said it, but rather our 8:00 pace CARA group leader, Dean. I ran up in Wheaton this week and there was a great turnout with plenty of experienced runners. This is a good place for me.

Anyone who steps outside basically anywhere knows about the weather and why running in it seems silly. I never dreamed that I would attempt 15 miles on a day like Saturday. I think it was Pfitzinger who recenty wrote in Running Times about "acclimitization"; the process that your body undergoes in warmer temp's over time in that it learns to keep itself cooler. I think I my body is adjusting to summer temps, because I was surprisingly doing "OK" - not comfortable, but I was OK.

Dean was shouting off the mile splits on the trail but I didn't hit my lap button once. Early miles were right at 8's and I felt miserable. Why you ask?
I had yet another bathroom attack this run. So frustrating.

First six miles I was counting the seconds to the porta-john I knew was ahead on the trail. You talk about embarassing, just meet a good group of runners and break their vibe just because you have to hit the can. Luckily, it was a there and back run and we weren't far from the turn.

That's 3x in the last week on distances 10 miles or more that I've been hit with the john bug. The carb loading with heavy pasta dinners the night before is not working for me. My comfort break (OK, hardly could a porta-pottie that has been cooking in 88 degree temps could be considered "confortable"), I missed out on about 1/2 mile with the group, which I would have to make up later on my own.

We finished the planned 13 with the group and most were shouting for mercy from the heat. I sucked it up and went back out for my additional 2 plus that 1/2 mile I had to make up. All and all, I was pleased with this run.

Time: 1:59:47
Distance: About 15 miles
Est Pace: 8:00
Avg HR: 158 (in the 160's in the late and 'hotter' miles)

Feeling the need for speed to get a BQ

Thanks to all of you who have provided encouragement for me to chase Boston. I think my mind is in the right place and I am working hard. However, it's not lost on me that qualifying for Boston comes down to numbers. Actually it comes down to a single number.

There's a very clear line in the sand for a 31-year old male runner. You need a 3:10:00 (with a grace of 59 secs) to get in. All the hard work, desire, drive and deservedness mean nothing unless you're on the right side of that line in the sand.

I have no doubt that I am going to run well in the Chicago marathon, which is 14 weeks from today. With the mileage volume and progress I am making so early as compared to prior training, I should demolish that 3:24 PR. Question is whether or not I can get all the way down to 3:10.

My wake-up call was yesterday when I read a race predictor chart in the CARA packet that says I should be able to run a sub-41 min 10k to run a 3:10 marathon.
McMillan's chart tells me the same thing. In the search of my past race archives, I can only find a 10k PR at 42:06 - and that was 4 years ago. However, before we fret, I had an 8k earlier this year of 32:26 - which McMillan projects out to a 3:11 marathon.

We know these types of charts are not an exact science but I am trusting that there is some merit here. Though it will be a stretch, I think there is 3:10 potential within me. Let's just say that speed is on the training menu. I'm planning to run a 5k race on 7/26 to see what kind of time I can get. Hopefully, it will be around 19:30.

Recap of runs completed in week 4

Mon 7/10 - 8 miles with 10x100m strides
Tue 7/11 - 5 miles recovery pace
Wed 7/12 - Rested
Thu 7/13 - 10 miles
Fri 7/14 - 5 miles recovery pace
Sat 7/15 - 15 miles at 8:00 pace with CARA group - hot, humid!
Sun 7/16 - Rested
Weekly total: 43

Week 5 plan

My biggest schedule challenge this week is getting home at a reasonable hour from that Bon Jovi concert at Soldier Field on Friday night - so i can get up early and get in 17 miles.

Mon 7/17 - 9 miles with 4 miles at L.T pace (6:55-7:00)
Tue 7/18 - 5 miles recovery
Wed 7/19 - 10 miles Gen Aerobic
Thu 7/20 - Rest
Fri 7/21 - 5 miles recovery
Sat 7/22 - 17 miles
Sun 7/23 - Rest
Target for week: 46 miles


yumke said...

Wow, it's nice to chase the BQ. Sounds like you've got the plan to do it. Can't believe you're already in the high 40 mile range while i'm still pushing 40 on my hal program..

Steve said...

Ryan my are doing well. Keep up the hard work.

About your 'bathroom' adventures. As long as I have known you, you go to the bathroom a few miles into your long run (or marathon) I recall Pittsburgh, mile 8....Virginia Beach, mile 13. Focus on getting your movement BEFORE your run. Or thinking about taking the magic white pill (that is my name for it) aka... Immodium. That will stop the need for mr Porto John.

My 'speed' advice...if you want some speed, you got to push the pace. Anybody that is willing to offer advice (or write a book) has something to say about speed. No, I am not talking about how speed kills. No doubt in my mind that any Marathon runner got his speed early on from doing speed work. My interval training comes in to flavors...1600m repeats or Yasso 800m repeats. Both are great, and I alternate them every couple of weeks. Think about adding it in. Many people live by Yasso's...I incorporated them into my Philly Marathon training, and I really feel they contributed to my time improvement. Hands down.

Steve out.

Nicole said...

Great run and I'm glad you found a place with runners of your speed.

Susan said...

I'm a believer in the Immodium - take for any run over 12 miles.

Great work Ryan, you are doing well for a BQ.

Ryan said...

Steve: I don't recall any issues with Pittsburgh at mile 8 (none that required a "sit-down" anyway)!! VA Beach, I remember vividly... my pit stop cost me about 2:30. :(

Tara said...

Ryan--oh dear lord...don't forget to grease the nipples. That made me chuckle. You are doing great. Keep chasing the'll get there...I know it!

Running Rabbit said...

Hey...there's no fretting in running!

D said...

Nice run on Saturday w/a good HR. On the trail, we definitely talk about things people generally don't talk about...sometimes I think, "I can't believe I'm actually discussing this..." Imodium is indeed the magic white pill as Steve indicated. Take one pill before you start your long run.