Sunday, July 09, 2006

Recap of week 3 - Week 4 plan

I received an out-of-the-blue phone call at 7:30 last night from one of my old college buddies. I could hear the ruckus behind him in the bar. He was having a bachelor party for his brother with a bunch of guys downtown. He lives in Detroit and had heard I was now living in the Chicago area. (I love the notice I get for things like this). With the wife away this weekend and nothing to do, it was a no-brainer... (thankfully, the long run was completed for the week!)

Daily thought: Doing double-digit mileage early in the morning and carousing in a bar after 1AM all on the same day is quite a feat.

Normally, I would be resting tomorrow, but I am pulling up my Pfitz plan by a day to get my program in sync to run Saturdays long. Going forward, Sundays will be my rest day. So, I decided to do only a 2-mile recovery today just to keep the legs warm - instead of the scheduled 4.

Here is a look back at week #3 and the plan for week #4.

Summary of Week #3

Mon 7/3 - Rest
Tue 7/4 – Lemont 10k race – 1.5 mile warmup before hand – 7.7 miles total
Wed 7/5 – Recovery pace 4 miles
Thu 7/6 – 10 miles general aerobic
Fri 7/7 – Cross-train: Bike, elliptical, abs, stretch
Sat 7/8 – 14 miles - Med-long Warrenville
Sun 7/9 – 2 mile recovery on treadmill – Stretching, abs
Total mileage: 37.7

Week #4 Plan

Mon 7/10 - 8 miles general aerobic w/ 10x100m strides
Tue 7/11 – 5 miles recovery
Wed 7/12 – 10 miles gen aerobic
Thu 7/13 - REST
Fri 7/14 – 4 miles recovery
Sat 7/15 – 15 miles med-long run
Sun 7/16 – Rest
Total mileage: 42

Onward, friends.... 105 days to go!


Bob said...

Sounds like fun and like yea that is a no brainer. I have an LT run tomorrow, oh dear god spare me. :)

Running Jayhawk said...

I'm really excited with how well your doing!!

...and then you gave me a mini panic attack. Only 105 days until the Chicago Marathon? Greeeeat.

Firefly's Running said...

Nice job on your running this week.

It's good that you rewarded yourself by having some fun.

Running Rabbit said...

So what are you saying? Had the wife been in town you would have passed that up? Hmmmm...

Your scehedule tires me to look at it. But hey...carry on!