Saturday, April 21, 2007

Focusing on the Next Milestone

First, thank you to all of you who made the wonderful comments on my Boston report. Not only have I received a outpouring of congrats from my fellow running bloggers, it was an usually high-profile week at work as well.

Several months ago, I posted a Boston countdown on a whiteboard in front of my cube. As a result, basically everyone in my office knew about my entry into Boston. I received a number of congratulations this week from people all throughout my company. I am also learned that I am going to be profiled in two separate company newsletters for my Boston experience. Then, I was surprised with a special celebratory cake on Thursday at our on-site happy hours (yes, we have on-site happy hours, it's the alcoholic bev business!). It had my name and time on the cake. I received a round of applause. Yes..., it was borderline overkill!

It taught me something. People realize that me getting to Boston truly was an accomplishment. The attention was overblown for me. I did it for myself, not for the attention. I hope I've inspired some people to chase a lofty goal.

Now, for the past few days, I'm have already been turning my mind to the summer running season and the next major milestone: the Chicago Marathon. Unbelievably, the marathon has now sold out already. Thankfully, I was proactive. What's also exciting is that I have SEVEN (maybe 8) races scheduled before the next marathon. Check out the list to the right. I hope to smash a few PR's on my way to crushing my PR again in Chicago.

I am thinking about really going all out for the Chicago Marathon in two ways.

First, everyone can see my goal time to the right there for a 3:05. Wow, that's fast... just saying it scares me (7:03 per mile!?). HOWEVER... Part of me feels like I may be even to raise the bar even higher and chase a sub-3. A 2:59:59 would be amazing (6:52?!?). How much mileage do I need to get there? Can I get there on a peak of 60-65 mpw?

Second, I will be running the Chicago Marathon for a charity this year. It's time for me to give back. I don't know which charity as yet, but I am actively reviewing the options. Details forthcoming.

I have not run a step since Boston on Monday. I feel pretty good and have been enjoying my rest period. I had scheduled to rest until Wednesday. I didn't want to start up too since, since I got hurt last November after Chicago. I may go out for an easy 2-miler tomorrow.


Pure Virtual Function said...

Ryan, Grats on accomplishing an amazing goal! Looking at your marathon log, I am coming to the conclusion that I have years in store before I can qualify. =) I will keep at it though. At work myself and some co-workers were following your progress through the race. =) We were reading the weather reports... watching the rain... pondering the late start... then watching your times. A bit weird since we don't personnaly know you... =) but I think there is something in all of us that can recoginze what an amazing feat something like Boston is... that makes us all want to stand up and cheer... something that I am sure you saw in the fans lining the course. Again, WTG and I know you will shatter those PRs this summer.

Firefly's Running said...

Enjoy the break, Ryan.

Whitney said...

you've come a long way....3:05 at Chicago? no prob! bask in the glow of Boston. it' a big accomplishment. I've been wearing my Boston jacket everywhere :)

DawnB said...

Ryan outstanding job at Boston!!! congratulations!!!!

robtherunner said...

Great job in Boston, Ryan! It sounds like it was the experience you were looking for. I hope to join the crowd there one of these days. Good luck with the 2007 goals. No doubt in my mind you can reach them.