Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Recovery continues

Recovery from Boston has been progressing, I suppose, but it's been really difficult for me to tell how quickly. Truth is, I couldn't even hold to the 9-day rest period that I had planned. I was too anxious. I stepped out Sunday for an easy 3-miler and headed out this morning for another 4-miler.

Sundays 3-mile avg pace: 8:31.
Today's 4-mile avg pace: 8:05. (One of the miles was 7:44, which in retrospect was probably not a smart pace at this stage.)

I feel decent, but I know I am not recovered. Before the marathon, we all can do 4 miles in our sleep. After my runs, I have felt a very slight, dull fatigue later in the day after the run. It's not even in the category of "pain", but rather very faint sore/fatigue sensation.

Walking is another strategy for recovery I have read about. I walked last night for 30 minutes. I am going to take a 30 minute walk tomorrow before work. I will then run on Thursday for a easy four.

I am just being ultra-cautious. I believe it was a hard 9-miler the week after Chicago that initiated by IT band syndrome late last year. Don't want that.

I am itching to get back at it. Today's morning was amazing weather. We haven't had weather like this for months. My whole season culminated with a sloppy mess in Boston and now I am supposed to be resting?

Check out my current running schedule . I am curious to get your feedback on my recovery and re-ramp back in to Chicago training. Notice I have an Aruba vacation and a 10-mile race on Memorial Day weekend in late May. The section on the schedule in light blue indicates the 18-week "official training window" for Chicago.


Firefly's Running said...

Take it easy, Ryan. You rocked Boston. You deserve the rest. Listen to the bod.

LeahC said...

aruba...bahamas..come on pretty mama. I can't hear the word Aruba without thinking of that song :-)

take it easy getting back into it. You want to be as strong as possible getting ready to train for Chicago...although I totally understand the urge to go asap!

Steve said...

Go for the gold. 2:59. If you run for a charity, I will donate $259 if you run that.

I will start running again in 3-4 weeks...so I will be monitoring your progress.

Keep it up.